Thursday, August 18, 2016

Coming Soon: The Overlook Hour

The Overlook creatures are preparing themselves for a journey, and I don't mean to Monsterpalooza...

Coaxed by Clark Little, several of the creatures plan to venture out of print and into the studio to record a weekly podcast. The details are being worked out, but so far we know that episodes will be fairly brief, about an hour long. They will feature guests, interviews, reviews - the possibilities are endless. But who will be involved in this project?

Armed with wit and weapons, our hosts are a very mixed bag of personalities: Clark Little (top left), KillDozer (top right), Dabbles (bottom left), and Lord Battle (bottom right). Cornelius also plans to make an appearance but he doesn't talk much.

I'll keep you guys updated as things develop so stay tuned. And if you'd like to be a guest in the future, just let us know!


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