Saturday, August 20, 2016

KillDozer Reviews ShowGirls! The Musical

Only a true genius would pair the writing talent that brought us Basic Instinct and Flash Dance (Joe Eszterhas), with the visionary directing that brought us Robo Cop and Total Recall (Paul Verhoeven), and use the combined efforts to create the hyper sexual, over the top, exploitation dance film ShowGirls! Only an even greater genius would bring a "classic" such as ShowGirls to a live audience and set this truly loved cult gem up as a musical. 

The West Coast premiere of ShowGirls the Musical is happening now in San Francisco at the beloved Victoria Theatre and as the film's tag line states, "leave your inhibitions at the door". From the moment our glamorous hostess stepped out onto the stage, with hair 5 feet tall and every raunchy joke at the ready to welcome us, we knew we were in for an unforgettable night. The theatre was packed and as cheesy as it sounds you could feel the excitement in the air. 

The musical numbers were extremely fun and cleverly written each with their own commentary, sometimes about the ridiculousness of the situation and some times about the person who actually wrote it that way. The dancing sequences should be experienced in person as words can not describe the beauty and skill that goes into creating amazingly unforgettable choreography. The cast blew my mind as each of them stood out in their own way. My personal favorite was "The Gay" whose performance brought the house down. A total crowd pleaser, especially if your audience is full of weirdos like me who take pride in being so, and get pleasure from being part of the joke, see beauty in the absurd, and love that which others would call trash. Overall, this was another amazing example of Peaches Christ Productions skill and dedication. I highly recommend it for EVERYONE (except children because they won't get the humor :) ).

The show will be at the Victoria Theatre through the 27th, with discounted tickets available on Goldstar
You can find out more about the production by visiting their site.


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