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The Overlook Theatre Reviews: Microwave Massacre

of 7 viewers "Liked" "Microwave Massacre" (USA, 1983)
Here's what the creatures had to say:

Math Mage - "I was expecting a straight forward slasher film or perhaps a technology gone wrong story; either would have been fine. I was not expecting a crude sex comedy where Ralph Kramden finally snaps, kills his wife and becomes a cannibal. This was a pleasant surprise however, as the film proved to be quite funny. The microwave itself was underutilized (except for an ending that modern viewers should't be surprised by), in fact the film would have been just as good without it." - 3.5 Stars

Lord Battle - "As a kid combing through the horror section in a rental store, I learned early on that you can't judge a film by its cover, even though you kinda had to. The trick was in what the box didn't show you. If there was a lack of images on the back, that means it's was boring. If the case was lenticular, had raised art, or lit-up, that meant the film sucked. And if they used "Massacre" in the title (and it wasn't The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), that meant there was no massacre. Microwave Massacre's VHS release contained all 3 warning signs I learned to avoid as a kid. 10 year old me would have hated this film. So how was it as an adult? Microwave Massacre plays like a Troma film starring Rodney Dangerfield." - 3.5 Stars

KillDozer - "One of the best examples of VHS rental store bait and switch art you have ever seen. The VHS box for this movie was the stuff legends were made of, with blinking microwave lights and all! This film stars the man who voiced the classic animated Frosty the Snowman TV special and it's called Microwave Massacre, what else do you need? If you like your grindhouse goofy and crude, then look no further because this film serves up Airplane style one-liners in between cheesy gore and of course boobs (lots of boobs)! A true cult classic for those who know how to have fun and enjoy being in on the joke." 3.5 Stars (Worth sharing with others and totally worth screening with a crowd)

Huntress - "With a name like Microwave Massacre, it may seem like this movie has no surprises, but I definitely didn't expect a lot of what happened or that I'd be laughing as much as I did. This movie is really funny! And not in the "so bad it's good" kind of way either; there are some genuinely hilarious scenes in Microwave Massacre that build with the story. The acting may have been campy and exaggerated but it complimented the plot very well. I can see why this has a cult following," - 4.5 Stars

Dabbles - "Microwave Massacre, the name in itself should let you know what you're getting into. I can't believe this movie was made and that I had never seen it. It is very exaggerated and awesome. Everything  was so colorful and unbelievable that it was hard not to laugh." - 5 Stars

The Impostor - "From the stiff corny one-liners to its silly gags and setups, Microwave Massacre is one of the best bad movies I've ever seen. It has a very unique premise and if you love indie horror comedy you will love this film. Microwave Massacre is definitely in the "so bad it's good" category. Overall fun film I'd highly recommend. Enjoy it with a few beers, it does add to the experience." - 5 Stars

The Great Hornito - "Microwave Massacre was nothing like I expected but in a good way. It was like an 80's boner comedy horror and a Mel Brooks movie all in one. It had really funny quick witted dialogue and plenty of big bouncing boobs to entertain the horny Hornito. Seeing it at the Roxie made it even better." - 4.5 Stars

The Overlook Theatre Final Rating*
(Below is for after you've seen the film)

The Roxie Theater did a great job of selecting videos that illustrated our strange history with this relic from the nuclear age. So in honor of the awesome night we had at the theater, Huntress and I did some digging and came up with a few videos and articles to form our own curated bundle of stories about the revolutionary microwave! Enjoy.

The microwave oven was accidentally invented in 1946 by Percy Spenser. As common as they are in the US, it's weird to think that less than 5% of the population in India owns one. (Article here)

In 2012, a Sacramento woman was accused and convicted of putting her baby in the microwave, which was because of a "seizure fit" according to her attorney. The stomach and intestines of the child appeared to be cooked through, which was consistent with the effects of a microwave. (Article here)

Microwaves were banned in Russia in 1976, due to their negative health effects and damage to food cooked in them. The ban was not lifted until the Perestroika in the mid 90's. (Article here)

A girl did an experiment where she watered one plant with microwaved water and another with purified water, and posted pictures of her results. It is being questioned because she may have microwaved the water in a plastic cup, skewing the results. All sides of the experiment can be found by searching "microwave water plant." 

The Microwave Age playlist can be found on our YouTube channel, which was just launched today. Check it out here


The Overlook Theatre materialized in the Roxie Theatre for a screening on  8/12/2016
*Based on the star ratings turned in by character reviewers, others viewed and got to "Dislike" or "Like" but that does not effect the rating.

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