Saturday, June 11, 2016

CreepyPasta Mania: Construction Site Entity and Somnambulant

Welcome back horror story fans! I've decided to stick to the newer submissions of Creepy Pastas for this write up, unless there is a special circumstance. But this week I couldn't decide between two tales, so I'll talk about them both.

Construction Site Entity

Genre: Beings and Entities

Author: OJ

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Synopsis: Wandering around a construction site can be dangerous for more than one reason...

(How Scary)

Pasta Quality
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I don't know why I haven't seen more stories set in construction sites, it's such a good location with lots of potential! I guess it's easier as a visual location, but construction sites have so much built in uneasiness (no pun intended) that it's surprising they don't show up more often.

Construction Site Entity did something different with this setting than I was expecting; instead of someone being taken there to be murdered late at night, this story took place in the middle of the day with no fatalities. The creature that the main character saw while wandering the skeletal building is never really described enough to know what it is without a doubt, although there are speculations in the comments that it's a version of the Slenderman. And maybe the reason the entity just walked away from him was because he was too old? I'd like to think that he has a Predator type of mentality and since this guy was already on the floor puking and heaving, that he was not a challenge and therefore not worth it. 


Genre: Dreams and Madness

Author: Anonymous

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Synopsis: Imagine the anxiety of not remembering what you did last night, but worse.

(How Scary)

Pasta Quality
(How Well Written)

Somnambulant is another instance of cool elements executed in an uncommon way. I an definitely a fan of the journal entry format, and this is a great use of it. Abstract bits of memory with no dates; it's a very disorientating story, which gives you a feeling of what the main character goes through every time they wake up somewhere new. On paper, this situation seems terrifying. Being a pawn under the control of your own secretive subconscious mind, which is trying to piece something together would rank in my top worst situations to be in, especially since I'm speculating without ever having experienced sleepwalking. But this story kind of lost me in the end, but in a way that is still unsettling. Like if I keep reading the end over and over it gets eerier each time, which I did. And it does. But I still can't say for sure what the ending really means. 

It's not the kind of ending that works for everyone, but it's sticking in my mind for a lot longer than I expected after my first reading... 


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