Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Treasures From the ComiCombs: Injection, Prometheus: Life and Death, The Dark and Bloody

We kick off our second week of June with another slow day for releases. DC continues to pour out more Rebirth titles which are a good jumping in point for those of you curious or new to the roster. If that doesn’t interest you then look no further because I have a few picks this week that shouldn’t be missed! I had a great time reading my head to head picks from last week and have finally emerged from the depths of the ComiCombs with a winner. But first my picks for the week!

Injection #10 (Image) 

Injection found its stride with issue #6 and with issue #10 we see the close of volume 2. Warren Ellis is a master when it comes to writing characters and it shows in this series. With Declan Shalvey on art and Jordie Bellaire with colors, you have an All-Star cast on this book. Don’t miss out on this series! 

“Vivek, Simeon, and Brigid are hunted by ghost-thieves, secret societies, and sandwich criminals. Maria tries to hold the world together, and Robin makes a decision that might end it.”

Prometheus: Life and Death #1 of 4 (Dark Horse) 

Last week we saw the conclusion of Predator: Life and Death and this week Dark Horse brings us the second Chapter of the Life and Death story. Thank you Dark Horse! 

“Colonial Marines have commandeered a mysterious alien ship—wresting it from the savage Predators who also wanted it. But now the owner of the vessel has awakened, and the marines find themselves trapped in space with an angry god!”

The Dark and Bloody #5 of 6 (Vertigo) 

We’re getting closer to the final issue in this series and as sad as it is to have the end so close, I can’t wait to get my hands on what’s left. This book creeps me out in a good way. 

“The cursed girl Ayah has taken Iris' son Shiloh, leaving Iris no choice but to go after her and confront the demons of his past. To do that, he'll have to bring in the man who was truly responsible for the massacre in Iraq that took Ayah's family from her. If Ayah is seeking an eye for an eye, then it's Eric's head she'll be wanting.” 


Once again I got lucky with my head to head picks. MPD Psycho vol.1 and the Drifting Classroom vol. 1 were both good books. As awesome as that was, it made choosing a winner even harder. 

MPD Psycho has some pretty disturbing images and Sho-u Tajima does a great job with the art, especially the gory bits. This is a book that should be carefully read. Our protagonist, The Multiple Personality Detective, has a few personality changes in this book and although there are some queues to let you know, it can become a bit confusing if you happen to miss it. The pacing isn’t what I was expecting to see and I really enjoyed how much was going on in this book. Eiji Otsuka does a good job planting the seeds and letting them bloom. The only problem I found with this book is that we see a few different personalities come out in our detective and the character development of each was a bit less than desired. Thankfully Otsuka makes each of the personalities easy enough to identify and gives our protagonist a good cast of supporting characters. 

The Drifting Classroom couldn’t have been more different than MPD Psycho. It’s easy to tell this book is from the late 70’s as the art has that distinctive style. It's detailed but very different from what we see today and I found the style fitting, seeing as the story is about a bunch of kids. The situation that we find our school in is an interesting one and upon finding out what was happening, I thought the reactions of the characters were mostly accurate. The real terror in this story comes from not knowing what is going on. Kazuo Umezu does a good job telling the story in this first volume and I really enjoyed reading it. Unfortunately the first volume only tells maybe a couple hours of the overall story so the pacing is pretty slow and some of the panels seem to drag on and progress too slowly. So the winner this week is...

MPD Psycho Vol.1

I loved the different layers in this book. Otsuka seems to have an elaborate story full of gory murders in store for us through the rest of this series and I can’t wait to dive into it. It’s also worth noting that MPD Psycho had a TV series directed by Takashi Miike. Being a fan of this first volume and of Miike, I have to track the show down! 

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed it this week and I hope you give MPD Psycho a shot! Don’t forget to pick up something awesome from your local shop and don’t be afraid to let me know what you’re reading this week! Make sure to come back next week for some more great picks and two new books going head to head.

- The Creature of the ComiCombs

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