Monday, June 20, 2016

Bluray Tuesday: Featuring The Crush and Midnight Special

June 21st 2016

It's that time of the week again. This week is very light on releases, but after a few heavy release weeks we can use a slight break. Scream Factory releases Alicia Silverstone's 90's thriller The Crush for the first time on bluray. I'm looking forward to picking this up and re-watching it sometime this week. SciFi drama film Midnight Special hits shelves as well. Blind buy for me this week, I've heard some good things about this one. On the comedy side we have Sacha Baron Cohen's new film The Brothers Grimsby and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Since it's such a light week I decided to add Korea's Nova Media exclusive of the the classic A Tales Of Two Sisters which looks pretty nicely put together. So what will you be buying, renting or skipping this week? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to check out our Instagram page here. Until next week.

The Crush: Amazon - $18.99

The "fatal attraction" story of a young girl (Alicia Silverstone) and her escalating and dangerous infatuation with a handsome young journalist (Cary Elwes) who rents her parents' guest house. Ultimately, the journalist finds himself in a desperate fight as the girl's fixation on him turns into a furious pursuit, and finally, a terrifying plan of revenge.

The Crush (Blu-ray) 

 Midnight Special: Amazon - $19.99

The government and a group of religious extremists pursue a man (Michael Shannon) and his son (Jaeden Lieberher), a young boy who possesses special powers.

Midnight Special (Blu-ray) 

The Brothers Grimbsy: Amazon - $19.99

Dimwitted Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen) lives in an English fishing town with his loving girlfriend (Rebel Wilson) and nine children. For the last 28 years, he's been searching for his long-lost brother Sebastian (Mark Strong). When the two finally reunite, Nobby finds out that his sibling is a top MI6 agent who's just uncovered a sinister plot. Wrongfully accused and on the run, Sebastian now realizes that he needs Nobby's help to save the world and prove his innocence.

The Brothers Grimsby (Blu-ray) 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: Amazon - $19.99

Parenting and marriage is becoming tougher and tougher for Toula (Nia Vardalos) and her husband Ian. Not only has their relationship lost some of its spark, but they're also dealing with a rebellious teenage daughter who clashes with Greek traditions. On top of that, Toula must contend with aging parents and the endless needs of cousins and friends. When a shocking family secret comes to light, the entire Portokalos clan makes plans to come together for an even bigger wedding than before.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (Blu-ray) 

Korea Nova Media Exclusive

 A Tale Of Two Sisters: Nova Media - $19.99

After being institutionalized in a mental hospital, Korean teen Su-mi (Yeom Jeong-ah) reunites with her beloved sister, Su-yeon (Su-jeong Lim), and they return to live at their country home. The girls' widower father (Mun Geun-yeong) has remarried, and the siblings are immediately resentful of his new wife, Eun-joo (Kap-su Kim). As Su-mi and Su-yeon try to resume their regular lives, strange events plague the house, leading to surprising revelations and a shocking conclusion.

A Tale of Two Sisters (Blu-ray)
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