Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Treasures From The ComiCombs: Swamp Thing, Low, Weird Detective

We’re at the midway point for June and we finally start to see things pick up with some pretty good releases. This week I have a couple new books ready to review and I couldn’t be more excited. These two titles have been on my radar for quite some time so read on to see what they are but first my picks for the week!

Swamp Thing #6 of 6 (DC)

Earlier this year we were treated to an all new Swamp Thing limited series from creator Len Wein and today marks the final issue of this series. I’m sure we will see Swamp Thing again somewhere with the Rebirth of the DCU so wipe those tears and pick this book up!

“The fate of his home hinges on Alec Holland and his allies as shocking information is revealed about his friend-turned-foe Matt Cable.”

Low #14 (Image)

This series has been consistently good and if you’re a fan of dark stories, this is one for you. Rick Remender does a wonderful job of writing characters you can sympathize with and then throwing them into hopeless situations. With gorgeous artwork by Greg Tocchini, this book is one that should not be missed.

“SHORE OF THE DYING LIGHT, Part Four. The surface of Earth is home to strange new life, but there is something else, something familiar, something forgotten.”

Weird Detective #1 (Dark Horse)

With my final pick this week we see a new series written by Fred Van Lente. If you’re a fan of Detective Horror like I am, this is definitely one to pick up. I can’t wait to see how this one plays out. The cover art for issue #1 is awesome!

“The streets of New York have been plagued by a pattern of crimes too weird and bizarre for the average detective. Lurking in the evidence are shadows of loathsome horrors from beyond space and time, seeking to usher in the unimaginable evil of the Old Ones. And the only man capable of fighting against the unspeakable terrors isn't a man at all. Detective Sebastian Greene is one of them-it takes a monster to catch a monster.”


This week I have a couple of books that I have been waiting to review. Both titles have a publication history that goes back 20+ years so after a bit of research I found a couple of stories that are highly praised by fans and critics. So what are they?

Created by Alan Moore and Stephen R. Bissette, John Constantine made his first appearance in 1985 in issue #37 of The Saga of the Swamp Thing. In 1988 Constantine received a solo title named Hellblazer. Throughout its publication history, Hellblazer has bounced around a lot, from DC to its Vertigo Imprint in 1993, back to DC with a brand new title, Constantine, in 2003, and then was renamed again in 2015 to Constantine: The Hellblazer. Many well known writers such as Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison and Neil Gaiman have had runs on this title. This week I’ll be reading a selection from Garth Ennis's run titled “Dangerous Habits” from 1991.

Hellblazer vol. 5 – Dangerous Habits
by Garth Ennis and William Siimpson

Going up against John Constantine will be Hellboy. Created by writer and artist Mike Mignola, Hellboy made his first appearance in 1993.Throughout the title's publication with Dark Horse, Hellboy has been written and mostly drawn by Mignola himself with some art from notables Richard Corben and Duncan Fegredo. Hellboy has made his way to the big screen with two feature films as well as two video games. It’s also worth noting that Mignola pitched Hellboy to DC but was passed on. This week I will be reading “Conqueror Worm” from 2001.

Hellboy Vol. 5 – Conqueror Worm
by Mike Mignola

That’s all for this week. Which book will find a home on the shelves of the ComiCombs? Will it be Hellboy and the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense or will it be John Constantine the occult detective and con man? Come back next week to find out and as always, don’t forget to pick up something awesome at your local comic shop!

- The Creature of the ComiCombs

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