Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Collector's Crypt, Dallas's Horror Nerd Headquarters

Deep in the suburbs of Dallas, TX lies a house unlike any other. Seemingly innocent on the outside, this quaint building is home to the Collectors Crypt, an amazing horror nerd oasis that Lord Battle and I had the pleasure of basking in. As the door opened we were greeted by the owners of this treasure trove, who were kind enough to open late for us. This being our last day in Texas we were foaming at the mouth looking for collectibles after having visited the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre house and the theatre from Phantom of the Paradise. You have to love the horror community always willing to go the extra mile for fellow monster kids. 

The crypt is covered wall to wall with everything from obscure VHS tapes (in this case a copy of Christmas Evil with art work I've never seen!) to life size scale replicas of Michael Myers both young (clown) and old (William Shatner). A lot of the unique pieces are actually made by the owners themselves, just another example of how much love goes into this place. As I ran around like a kid in a candy store or nerd in a collectible store, I was able to really take in everything around me, like the life masks of Angus Scrim signed by the Tall Man himself and the amazing piece made by artist Casey Love. They even have a room dedicated to the spooky side of Disney! The prices were more then reasonable and I was able to pick up some amazing vinyl soundtracks, vintage Universal monster books, and other goodies. 

I couldn't recommend this place any more. Support your local horror community in Dallas and pay a visit to The Collectors Crypt. Tell them the Overlook Theatre sent you!

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Collector's Crypt room #2
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  1. Thanks for blogging about one of my favorite places of all time. Unfortunately, it's shut down now, but Kathy and Andrea plan on taking their inventory online at some point.

    I also blogged about the place here

    and here

    If you don't mind me posting links. Cheers.

    1. Thank you for coming by and sharing this info, I'd love to support them in anyway I can. Also do stay in touch with any updates you may have.