Monday, July 13, 2015

Bluray Tuesday!

July 14th 2015

Bluray Tuesday is back with some great releases this week. It Follows is finally released today! I have been looking forward to owning this since I saw in theaters twice earlier this year. I was hoping for a steelbook packaging or digi book but I am sure in the future there will be a cool release. Target has the cheapest price at $12.99 and if you have the Cartwheel Target app this week you get a extra 10% off the $12.99 price which brings it down a bit more. Ex Machina is out this week as well which was a surprisingly great film, one of my favorites this year so far. Scream Factory also has a release this week with The Howling 2 loaded with new bonus material. Two Scream factory double features are released for the first time on bluray as well. Rounding out this week is the new release of Xmen Days of Future Past the Rogue Cut, with new bonus materials and all the cut Rogue scenes from the theatrical release. What will you buy, rent or just skip this week? Let us know in the comments or check us out on Instagram Here We love the likes and comments.

It Follows: Amazon - $12.96

For 19-year-old Jay, fall should be about school, boys and weekends out at the lake. But after a seemingly innocent sexual encounter, she finds herself plagued by strange visions and the inescapable sense that someone, or something, is following her. Faced with this burden, Jay and her teenage friends must find a way to escape the horrors that seem to be only a few steps behind.

It Follows (Blu-ray) 

Ex Machina: Best Buy - $13.99

A young coder at the world's largest internet company, wins a competition to spend a week at a private retreat belonging to the reclusive CEO of the company. One arrival he learns that he must participate in a bizarre experiment which involves interacting with the world's first true artificial intelligence, which comes in the form of a beautiful female robot.

Ex Machina (Blu-ray) 

Howling 2: Amazon - $17.97

After his sister is turned into a werewolf and subsequently killed, Ben White (Reb Brown) decides to help the enigmatic Stefan Crosscoe (Christopher Lee) fight the growing population of lupine monsters, along with the lovely Jenny Templeton (Annie McEnroe). Traveling to Transylvania, Ben, Jenny and Crosscoe attempt to hunt down the powerful werewolf queen, Stirba (Sybil Danning), and must face her furry followers, as well as other supernatural forces. 

Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf (Blu-ray) 

X-Men Days of Future Past The Rogue Cut: Amazon - $19.98

Convinced that mutants pose a threat to humanity, Dr. Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) develops the Sentinels, enormous robotic weapons that can detect a mutant gene and zero in on that person. In the 21st century, the Sentinels have evolved into highly efficient killing machines. With mutants now facing extinction, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) volunteers to go back in time and rally the X-Men of the past to help change a pivotal moment in history and thereby save their future.

X-Men: Days of Future Past (Blu-ray) 

The Outing / The Godsend: Amazon - $17.91

The Outing: A long-imprisoned genie is released from an ornate brass lamp and wreaks havoc on unsuspecting museum visitors
The Godsend: A pregnant stranger (Angela Pleasence) spends the night with a couple (Cyd Hayman, Malcolm Stoddard) and leaves them a bad baby named Bonnie.

The Outing / The Godsend (Blu-ray) 

Cellar Dweller / Catacombs (1988): Amazon - $17.91

Cellar Dweller: Colin Childress (Jeffrey Combs), a highly successful comic book artist who gains inspiration from a mystical book of horrific drawings, inadvertently summons an evil spirit into his basement studio. Decades later, his house has become a small art institute run by the stern Mrs. Briggs (Yvonne De Carlo). One night, comely student Whitney Taylor (Debrah Farentino) goes rooting around the sealed boxes in the cellar and releases the supernatural forces trapped there.
Catacombs: An American woman (Laura Schaefer) and a monk (Timothy Van Patten) investigate an Italian monastery plagued by supernatural forces.  

Cellar Dweller / Catacombs (Blu-ray) 

-The Impostor 

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