Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Scream Episode 4 "Aftermath"

With our collective knowledge of Scream, slashers, horror and hints, we believe that we just might have solved the mystery of the Lakewood murderer. Below is our proof, so beware of reading if you are not caught up with the show.

Last week, Lord Battle, the Impostor, Book Wyrm, and I agreed that Mr. Branson had to be the killer behind the newest killings in Lakewood. And much like the first, second, and fourth movies, we believed that he had a partner in crime, which is how he was able to give Emma the ultimatum of choosing who would die next or he would do it for her. The obvious choice as to who his partner is was Audrey. 

Of course, we didn't come to this conclusion without anything to back it up, but it wasn't until our encore screening of tonight's episode that we saw how proven our theory really was. It started with that yearbook that Emma got in the mail. It lead her to talking to Noah and Audrey about going to the hospital that had been closed down for years in order to look for the killer; something Noah would obviously be an expert in. But instead of having strength in numbers, Audrey convinces Emma that just the two of them should go to explore. Outside of the hospital, she arms Emma with a stun gun and grabs a crowbar for herself, saying she's "old fashioned." This crowbar came in very handy to even get into the building, but that might have been a coincidence... 

As they walked through the halls, Audrey brings up a number of incriminating topics in a very casual way, almost like she was letting her guard down, getting more comfortable around her old friend and not too worried about being accused of anything. When Emma mentions that the person calling her had a deep voice, Audrey busted out her voice changing app, and says anyone can download that, diffusing the tension. But right after that, she starts questioning why the killer couldn't be a woman, which isn't suspicious in itself but really, why couldn't it?

It seemed kind of weird that Audrey didn't want Noah to come with them to the killer's lair to offer his infinite opinions, and when he sneakily shows up on his own, it becomes clearer why she didn't want him there. He walked into the room and moments later declared that the lair was a fake. Staged by Audrey and her partner. It may have been so that Emma didn't suspect her, or maybe to bring the girls closer together again for whatever plans lie in the future, we didn't talk too much about motivation. Lord Battle thought it might be because she is putting together a found footage movie (which is also why she films everything) and they needed to find the lair to further the story. 

And then the Chirpster poll showed up. Who would people rather see get hacked and slashed next. Of course, hundreds voted for bitchy Brooke, who has probably collected all of those people as enemies throughout the years (even though Nina sounded much worse in my opinion). Emma has some significantly lower, arbitrary number of votes. What was that number? Oh yeah, 2.
The number of killers on the loose. 

We will be paying very close attention to Audrey and Mr. Branson in the episodes to come, especially since we're pretty sure Brooke is about to break things off with her older man. It was his booty call that got her friend killed, after all. Personally, I think he'll take it as an act of power over him, which will drive him crazy.

This episode also had a slightly different flavor of Noah rant, in which he compares the situation they're in to Pretty Little Liars. The writers of the show are cutting everyone off before they can make/complain about the same connection, or perhaps misleading the audience to look to those story lines for hints as to what will happen in Lakewood.

We'll have to wait and see next week. 

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  1. Dude I never really thought of it like that!!! I mean she totally has the motive and the creepy knowledge of it all. And she's making the movie so no one else can. Like in the 4th movie.