Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Scream Episode 5 "Exposed" Wrap up Discussion

What an episode! Well, let’s just jump in before I start changing my mind.

So this was another red herring episode, full of sideways looks and characters not acting like themselves, which makes them generally suspicious. But secret murderer suspicious? The show is getting so crazy that almost any argument sounds like it could be plausible. And while we had a lot of fun testing out all the possibilities, the majority kept coming back to our most developed theory, with only a little bit of wavering.

So who had the finger figuratively pointed at them this time?

Jake got a lot of our attention (and a lot more screen time) because he made a pretty drastic switch from jock co-conspirator to slightly psychotic show runner, trying to throw his partner in crime under the bus. He had almost no patience with Will, who was no longer doing what he wanted, even though it was for his own benefit.

Will also got exposed by Brooke, for being a part of the typical high school bet years ago. If he ever had people on his side, their numbers are severely dwindling after this episode, at least as far as the Overlook is concerned. He’s clearly not one to be trusted.

Piper is weird. Can we all just agree on that? She keeps showing up around Emma to whisper secrets about other people and get her even more suspicious. She constantly gives Emma lingering looks, almost as if she’s waiting to see how she reacts to things to take notes on her. And in this episode she tries to take the girl’s guard down by giving her alcohol. This possibility got into the Impostor’s head and moved Piper into third place on his list of suspects. We started exploring the possibility that Piper is Emma’s secret sister somehow, but only after she reveals that her father was murdered to Emma. This might just be a ploy to get closer to the person who is connected to all the drama in town though.

I realized today that this episode also showed both Kieran and his father act notably more forceful with Emma and her mother, respectively. I’m not sure if that’ll turn into something more, but I will definitely keep my eye on them. Especially since Kieran keeps disappearing at the most inopportune times…

It seems that the finger has been pointed at everybody, which in effect means nobody. The townspeople all seem to be acting like their time is running out; taking risks, burning bridges. It may be a way to cope with a killer living in your town though. Now let’s see how our killer duo changed this episode. After some sleuthing, Noah discovers the malware that allows Mr. Branson to hack people’s web cams, and that all three of the victims at school were his assistants and had accounts on his tainted lap top. That was not the surprising part of the situation, however. What I want to draw your attention to is what he says when he finds the very frazzled Audrey and Noah in his class room. Thinking quickly, Audrey tells the teacher the reason they were there was to see if Noah could get a new scene partner, seeing as his last one was murdered. Mr. Branson tells them that everyone is already partnered up but that there may be a possibility for a Greek threesome (I need to double check the exact wording; we were going crazy with accusations through this). Initially, I got the sense that he was looking at her with the “et tu Brute” eyes, as if she had betrayed him and was helping Noah discover that he was the one behind everything, and place all the blame on him (payback for Rachel perhaps??). Branson was already tied to Shakespeare, after all. But in revisiting the episode, my theories tend to change. Now I think he was asking Audrey if they should include Noah in their plans, or at the very least if he knew about them. Her reaction and rush to leave was a very clear no to both.

The episode ends with an outdoor love scene with Emma and Kieran, to which Lord Battle commented, “She’s trying to get another video out there! She must want more Chirpster followers.” 


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