Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Scream the TV Series, presented by the least likely of networks

With Lord Battle out of town, some of us reviewers got together on our own in order to watch and talk about the premiere episode of Scream the TV series. The Impostor, Math Mage, Unicorn Slayer, and I were very entertained, despite having certain doubts. We were all immediately reminded of the groundbreaking Unfriended in the first couple of seconds, although this show didn't spring for the real names of the various media. They instead used Chirpster and Cliplicious. Weirdly, they were able to name a ton of show and movie titles though. The Impostor and Unicorn Slayer also mentioned that they got a Teen Wolf vibe, partially because if the MTV format and also because the bitchy blond, Brooke Maddox, had similar a similar personality and mannerisms as Lydia Martin.

The opening sequence was great and all of the reviewers agreed! Technology changed the way certain expected aspects of the opening kill were incorporated, in ways that made me shake my head and grin, but I appreciate the effort to appeal to a younger audience. And I thought they got the sound effects right too.

I will say that a lot of things about this show felt like a straight up parody or exaggeration of life, starting with how fast the "kids" text. It's inhuman. Also, the kids themselves, who we are supposed to believe are still in high school, are easily in their mid to late 20's. Almost the same age as their teacher... These are nothing new in the world of Scream, I don't think I even came close to believing the students' ages until part 4. 

This series has been getting a fair amount of hate because it doesn't keep in the guidelines of Scream, what with the new town name, new motivation, a viral video, and so on. But the show never claimed to be a continuation or anything of the film franchise, so I think those things are forgivable. I can totally understand the anger over calling it something with the intention of just attracting the existing audience (ahemLeprechaunahem). But unlike some horrible reboots or butcherings, if you remove the movie franchise aspect, this show would be fun on its own. The series does have some shreds of its namesake, but it isn't purely Scream; it definitely borrows from a long list of other slasher movies and franchises. But that impurity is not enough of a reason to forget about all the good things in this episode. 

I wish we had more time to talk about it. Hopefully next week with episode 2!

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