Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Discussion on Scream Episode 2 "Hello Emma"

Okay, now that we have a feel for the characters and a bit of the show, we can start having a discussion about the episodes. Please don't continue reading if you haven't watched the second episode yet. I'm later than I wanted to be in posting this, I wanted to have it done yesterday while everything was fresh in my mind but it got kinda late after the second time we watched it.

This episode did so much finger pointing that it seems pointless to even try to make up your mind as to who the killer is. Not that this stopped any of us! It starts off immediately implying that we should be suspicious of Audrey with a call back to Scream 3, the Impostor pointed out. I'm talking about the phone call that Rachel got with what sounded like Audrey on the other line, coaxing her to come outside to her balcony and ultimate death. Impostor's point was that it could be the same voice altering app or whatever as in the third movie and may not have been her at all. But then why was it coming from her phone..? 

The next person we are pushed to suspect is Noah. During his very brief interview with the sheriff, he reveals that he tried to research and write about the Brendan James murders. During his research, he found and contacted the deformed boy's brother. He also tried to look for Emma's estranged father but said that he didn't try to contact him. And later, he also talks about a project he had finished that will allow people to "tool around the universe on any mobile device," which reminds us that he is capable of maybe making some kind of voice altering program. 

The two jock types are also suspicious in this episode, as well as in the first one. They obviously pulled some kind of prank or something on Nina the night that she was killed and Will is much more worried about getting rid of the evidence than Jake. Lord Battle pointed out that since there are two of this character archetype, they can actually talk about things that would normally just be going on in one character's head. That could also mean that they are more likely to team up together. 

We also found reasons not to trust Riley, who is in everyone's business and very connected. Or Kieran who seems very brooding and hell bent on driving Emma and Will apart. And Brooke, the spoiled manipulative girl who keeps secrets until it will do the most damage to expose them. 

But these all seem too obvious and it's impossible to decide on just one, right? Personally, I'm hoping my theory comes true: Kieran and Will are somehow competitively rival killing.

I also want to make sure I mention a point that the Impostor pointed out whenever it happened, which it did several times: revamped scenes from the Scream movies that have been injected into the show. Not necessarily obvious things, but you'd notice them if you've seen and paid attention to the movies. I already mentioned the first one, the misleading phone call that caused the opening death. The other major one was the bathroom scene from the first movie (where Sidney overhears a candid conversation about the murders going on). In this version, our survivor girl Emma rus to the bathroom to get away but walks into the very same conversation. 

We'll have more next week!

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