Sunday, March 5, 2017

Digging Up the Dirt with KillDozer and Timur Turisbekov, Bullets of Justice

One of the best ways to hear about new and exciting projects happening in the Horror community is to be told from a reliable source (a fellow horror nerd). In this case that nerd was Stu Jopia (writer, actor in Good Tidings) and the project is Bullets of Justice that has an incredible trailer and an Indiegogo campaign. I was lucky enough to speak with one of the stars of the film, who is also one of the writers, Timur Turisbekov .

KillDozer: So the obvious question from those who have seen the incredible trailer is, where did the idea for Bullets of Justice come from?!

Timur: It all started with a music video for my band Project Zenit. It went viral in Russia and a lot of people thought that it was a trailer for upcoming film and were really upset to find out that it was not. After such response from people me and my friend Valeri Milev decided to coop and risk with a film.

KillDozer: Did you seek out inspiration or references when writing the film or did you already have a vision of what the screen play would look like? If you did have outside influence what was it?

Timur: As the foundation of the film world was set by a music video it was easier to start. First decision was if it's gonna be serious or comedy but after a lot of laughs during the discussion we knew that it was gonna be a comedy. After that we decided to go as far as our fantasy would take us without any compromises.

KillDozer: I am only asking because of the pig/human hybrid characters and how they eat people but I was wondering if those involved in the film are vegan or vegetarian? Were animal rights ever brought up in the developing of the films screen play?

Timur: Our film is dark parody on life packed with a lot of film cliches. Everything in the movie is designed to be interpreted so we don’t force viewers with our position, we let him come to his own conclusions. 

KillDozer: Where did the title come from? Were there any other working titles for the film?

Timur: Main characters name is Rob Justice and title is Bullets of Justice, but you don’t know if Justice in title is main characters surname or meaning - justice. The word play is just astonishing that's why we chose it.

KillDozer: How much say do the actors have in changing or adding to what you have written? Does the trailer look exactilly like it looked in your mind when writing it? 

Timur: We kept it very relaxed as this was my first acting experience. Valeri is very experienced director, so thanks to him and professional crew everything went smooth.

KillDozer: Where can people go to view the trailer and also help make the dream of Bullets of Justice become a reality? Where can we follow and support you?

Timur: We currently have a campaign on Indiegogo. During the shooting we decided to invest all funds that were available into shooting to have better action scenes and then collect for post-production on crowdfunding. We have a huge love and belief in this project because we did it from the deepest parts of our hearts.

KillDozer: How has funding gone? How did you decide on the perks that would be used for backers?

Timur: Currently we have 11k and 20 days to go and we need 100k. Hopefully we’ll be able to get to our aim. Perks are very diverse and interesting from a poster to a speaking role in next episode or full feature film if we’ll secure some deals that are coming in.

KillDozer: When writing Bullets of Justice did you already know what you wanted used in terms of special effects? Do you prefer digital or practical?

Timur: We preferred to go with practical as they fit more to our style and budget.

KillDozer: Did you write the character of Rob Justice for yourself? Are you at all like the character you play?Did you write any of the characters with real people in mind?

Timur: Rob is similar to me in the sense that he is going somewhere but not exactly sure where he is going. But all characters are cliches that are usually used in epic movies.

KillDozer: What kind of film do you consider Bullets of Justice to be and why?

Timur: It’s a product for very narrow layer of population who everyday witness the absurdity we believe and live in. It is made to make their lives easier and brighter for a moment.

KillDozer: Who do you use for your poster art work and who came up with the concept?

Timur: Our friend did the poster design.

KillDozer: If the fund raising campaign doesn't supply you with the funds needed, what are the next steps in bringing Bullets of Justice to the screen?

Timur: 100k in campaign is the perfect outcome and we would hire the best professionals and have post-production with no compromises. If we won’t get there we would have to think of what to do with what he have.

KillDozer: Who is your favorite pig character in film history?

Timur: Spiderpig from Simpsons.

KillDozer: Would you survive your own film if it was reality?

Timur: Probably would die around first corner.

KillDozer: What was the last film you watched that you knew you could have written better?

Timur: I never judge films from that perspective.

KillDozer: In your mind do the Pig Human hybrids like cats or dogs better?

Timur: I think, as pigs are closer to dogs than cats.

You can still contribute to the Indiegogo campaign for Bullets of Justice to help this film become a reality. And be sure to check out them out on Facebook and YouTube!


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