Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: Nigel Bach, Creator of Bad Ben

One of the best things about the horror community is getting to know people who understand your taste, no matter how weird it may be. It's not necessarily that you'll be into the same things as other horror fans, but when there's a friendly dialogue where movie titles can be traded and recommended, even if they don't turn out to be gems, it's another way of keeping that tape trade feeling alive. And sometimes, you really do find gems! That's how Nigel Bach and his no-budget found footage movie, Bad Ben, came to the Overlook's attention. 

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During one late night, full of unfulfilling film mostly selected by cover art and a bad description, Lord Battle was recommended to watch a mysteriously addictive movie called Bad Ben. And it stole the night. It was made entirely by one man, Nigel Bach, who immediately captured all of our attention. 

And now, Nigel joins The Overlook Hour to talk more about his movie, which was made for $300, and explains how it came to be when he stated out making something completely different. This interview was recorded at an interesting time, as Nigel mentions several times that Amazon Prime played a huge role in making Bad Ben an indie success story by allowing filmmakers to upload their own films free of charge, and get it before eyes that may never have heard about it otherwise. Sadly, this may not be the case for much longer. 

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Starting today, Amazon Prime plans to cut many indie and micro-budget films from its instant streaming queue, as they no longer comply with Amazon's content policy. posted one of the early articles about it last week. As of this moment, it looks like many of the titles that were blacklisted are still available on prime, but as things develop, our lists of available horror may be shortened significantly. It's very unclear how this will play out, and it appears that only film up-loaders were alerted to this change via email. One of the most outspoken indie horror/trash movie fans at the Overlook, Trash, is currently looking into things and will report back soon. But until then...

Here's episode 28 of The Overlook Hour, with indie filmmaker, screenwriter, actor, producer, and probably the most interesting guy you'll meet today, Nigel Bach.


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