Friday, March 3, 2017

Amazon Censorship: Indie Horror Ban Update

This week we learned something pretty awful: Amazon has been sending out letters to a lot of horror filmmakers who have their work hosted on Amazon Video Direct telling them their movies are being taken off of Prime. Formerly a haven for independent creators, this self-distribution platform allowed for them to upload their work directly and make it available to audiences for free or rental without going through a middle man. Now we are being told these movies that breach their 'updated policy' against erotic or violent content will no longer be available for free, and will not automatically show up in search results.

Hi, I'm Trash, and I'm not an investigative journalist, I'm a drunk who stumbles around yelling at people, but because of this I tend to hear things and meet a lot of interesting people. Over the next couple days I'll be discussing this with a few filmmakers I've met in my travels, and trying to compile a list of some of the films that have been affected by this 'policy update', and some that haven't and try to figure out why. For now, check out the Overlook Hour podcast, where some of the other monsters weigh in on this issue, and chat with another indie filmmaker about what this means. See you guys.


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