Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bluray Tuesday: Featuring Evolution, A Kind of Murder and Assaaain's Creed

March 21st 2017

Bluray Tuesday returns! Some interesting releases are out for today. Scream Factory is releasing Evolution, which I missed on its limited run in theaters but it looks very interesting. I'll check it out really​ soon for sure. Robocop 2 and Robocop 3 get a new re-scan from Scream Factory and are being released as apart of their collector's edition line, which means all new bonus material. If you like psychological thrillers and murder mysteries there is a new one hitting shelves starring Patrick Wilson and Jessica Beil called A Kind of Murder. I just saw trailer for this recently and it looked really good. I actually had to skip past it so I didn't spoil anything. Trailers these days show the whole film including the twists. As for the bigger releases, this week we get Assassin's Creed starring Michael Fassbender. This film is based on the popular video game series. I've heard mixed reviews on this one and will probably check out in the near future. If you are into steelbook releases, the Assassin's Creed steelbook will be a Best Buy exclusive this week. Best Buy is also releasing an exclusive steelbook for family film Sing which also hits stores today. So what will you be buying, renting or just skipping this week? let us know in the comments. Until next week!

Evolution: Amazon - $22.99

The only residents of young Nicholas's seaside town are women and boys. When he sees a dead body in the ocean one day, he begins to question his existence and surroundings. Why must he, and all the other boys, be hospitalised?

Evolution (Blu-ray) 

A Kind of Murder: Amazon - $15.33

In 1960s New York, Walter Stackhouse is a successful architect married to the beautiful Clara who leads a seemingly perfect life. But his fascination with an unsolved murder leads him into a spiral of chaos as he is forced to play cat-and-mouse with a clever killer and an overambitious detective, while at the same time lusting after another woman.

A Kind of Murder (Blu-ray) 

Assassin's Creed: Amazon - $19.99
3D: Amazon - $19.99
4K: Amazon - $26.99

Cal Lynch travels back in time to 15th-century Spain through a revolutionary technology that unlocks the genetic memories contained in his DNA. There, he lives out the experiences of Aguilar de Nerha, a distant relative who's also a member of the Assassins, a secret society that fights to protect free will from the power-hungry Templar Order. Transformed by the past, Cal begins to gain the knowledge and physical skills necessary to battle the oppressive organization in the present.

Assassin's Creed (Blu-ray)
Temporary cover art 

Assassin's Creed 3D (Blu-ray)
Temporary cover art 

Assassin's Creed 4K (Blu-ray) 

Steelbook: Best Buy - $24.99

Assassin's Creed 4K (Blu-ray) 

Teen Witch: Amazon - $19.11

High-school nerd Louise Miller (Robyn Lively) learns from psychic Madame Serena (Zelda Rubinstein) that she's possessed with magical abilities that will begin working on her 16th birthday. When the prophecy proves true, the teenager uses her new powers to get what she's always desired: popularity. After getting back at some bullies, the young witch casts a spell over hunky jock Brad Powell (Dan Gauthier). But Louise soon learns that getting what you want isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Teen Witch (Blu-ray) 

Miss Sloane: Amazon - $19.99

Willing to bend the rules for her clients, Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) remains one of the most sought-after lobbyists in Washington, D.C. When asked to help oppose a bill that imposes regulations on firearms, she instead joins a scrappy boutique firm that represents the backers of the law. Her defiant stance and determination to win now makes her the target of powerful new enemies who threaten her career and the people she cares about.

Miss Sloane (Blu-ray) 

Frankenstein Created Bikers: Amazon - $29.99

A resurrected outlaw biker finds himself addicted to the substance that brought him back from the grave. In order to get his daily fix, his gang is forced to do the bidding of two sadistic scientists attempting to capture a biological mutation and perform a human head transplant on kidnapped teenagers. When his disgruntled ex-girlfriend is released from prison, she embarks on an explosive manhunt for her former lover and his strung-out pack of degenerates. With three dysfunctional bounty hunters, a rival motorcycle gang and an army of machine-gun toting strippers, it becomes a race against law-enforcement for bragging rights to the gang leader's demise.

Frankenstein Created Bikers (Blu-ray) 

Live By Night: Amazon - $21.99

A story set in the Prohibition Era and centered around a group of individuals and their dealings in the world of organized crime.

Live by Night (Blu-ray) 

Robocop 2: Amazon - $22.99

When Detroit's decent into chaos is further compounded by a police department strike and a new designer drug called "Nuke," only RoboCop can stop the mayhem. But in his way are an evil corporation that profits from Motor City crime and a bigger and tougher cyborg with a deadly directive: Take out RoboCop. Containing the latest gadgetry and weaponry as well as the brain of the madman who designed "Nuke," this new cyborg isn't just more sophisticated than his predecessor...he's psychotic and out of control! And it's going to take everything RoboCop has - maybe even his life - to save Detroit from complete and utter anarchy.

RoboCop 2 (Blu-ray) 

Robocop 3: Amazon - $22.99

When the ruthless corporation that runs Motor City begins kicking families out of their homes to clear space for a profitable new real estate project, RoboCop (Robert John Burke, Cop Land) joins forces with a renegade band of freedom fighters to save them. But RoboCop must face some deadly foes, including a lethally efficient android and a dangerous gang of thugs. RoboCop's latest arsenal of high-tech weaponry only somewhat evens the battlefield, as this lone superhero takes on the entire army of corporate militia in an all-out war to control Detroit!
RoboCop 3 (Blu-ray) 

Sing: Amazon - $19.99
3D: Amazon - $27.99
4K: Amazon - $25.99

Dapper Koala Buster Moon presides over a once-grand theater that has fallen on hard times. An eternal optimist, and a bit of a scoundrel, he loves his theater above all and will do anything to preserve it. Facing the crumbling of his life's ambition, he takes one final chance to restore his fading jewel to its former glory by producing the world's greatest singing competition. Five contestants emerge: a mouse, a timid elephant, a pig, a gorilla and a punk-rock porcupine.

Sing (Blu-ray) 

Sing 3D (Blu-ray) 

Sing 4K (Blu-ray) 

Steelbook: Best Buy - $25.99
Sing 4K (Blu-ray)
Temporary cover art 

    -The Impostor 

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