Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wes Craven, Goblin, and a Winner

This past October seem to fly by, especially since it seemed like every website had cool horror themed stuff coming out Retroband's Halloween 3 toy, to name one(Pictured above). I apparently got so distracted by this that I never posted some stuff that I meant too, so I'm going to do a quick catch up.

First something that I was excited about for days and boosted throughout my Halloween party...

Yes, Wes Craven loved my human skull spider nest! And I say loved because technically he "Liked" that lame photo, but shortly after I took this one...

Yeah, It got a little more festive. 

Second, I wanted to cover the Goblin show...

I have a rough draft written up but that too was forgotten, I'm sure you'll see it soon. It's also interesting that this was the biggest venue they played during the whole North America tour, SF just loves them some Goblin I guess, even Mike Patton made it out.

I also got 3 posters signed, my Deep Red record signed, and my jacket, which Claudio actually said he loved.

1 of the 3 posters I got signed I wanted to give away but I soon realized Claudio didn't sign it... So now I have no idea what to do with it. If there is any interest I may still but I'd feel weird pushing an incomplete poster, the poster I should add was #3 of a limited 64.

Finally Prowling Dead won "The Conjuring", I will continue to give out Ultra Violet codes despite the fact that so little people respond, I'm stubborn like that. I have a lot to write about in the near future so I hope you all stick with me, oh and tonight I'm going to see "Carrie" so expect a review of that soon.

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