Friday, November 22, 2013

Full Moon Mystery Box vs Dread Central Box of Dread

Recently, I ordered 2 of the Full Moon mystery boxes, and they both happened to arrive on the same day as the monthly Box of Dread. First, I've opened the two Full Moon boxes, they run for $25 each.

I have to admit, I like the "Subspecies" (Left) and "Demonic Toys" (Middle) shirts a lot. But for $50+ this is pretty weak...

I have never heard of either of these films and I don't know if I'd even watch "Medieval Park" but The Great Hornito seems excited. "White Slave" seems more up my alley, but I've yet to see any of Full Moon's Grindhouse collection and I am a bit worried.

These are "Ghost Cards" perfect for playing cards in a haunted house. I actually wanted a new deck of cards so I thought this was pretty cool.

It's funny, I was planning on taking some film production classes next semester. Thanks to Charles Band I no longer need to!! I am of course totally joking, but I really am going to enjoy watching these 6 discs of secrets!

Above is what was in the monthly Box of Dread from Dread Central. The quality is much better than the Full Moon stuff and for $30 less...

I really like the stuff they sent from Horror Decor. Above is a magnet, a pen, and an awesome poster of the governors fish-tank zombie heads.

A very cool H.P. Lovecraft mouse pad is pictured underneath some Good Guy stickers.

Last but not least is a Walking Dead vinyl figure. I have a few of these already and always love to add to the collection.
Opening both packages up together made it pretty obvious, the Dread Central Box is way more exciting and rewarding for less money. I was really hoping the Full Moon boxes would be cool, especially because of all the crap going on with Band not giving credit to HomeMade Horror for the Ghoulies sculpt he's producing. I should have known from all the Youtube videos that the Full Moon boxes would suck... Oh well, live and learn.


  1. You're retarded. The Box of Dread has declined steadily over the years and, if you add everything you got from them, you'd see it's not worth it. The Funko can be bought on Amazon for $2.86. THe mousepad couldn't have cost more than $1.00 to make. The Good Guy stickers are worth nothing and the Horror Decor crap was, at best, $5.00. So, you paid $20 for something that contained $10 worth of crap. Now, the Full Moon boxes: tshirts: $10 each (minimum) so there's $30 of the $50 you paid. Medieval Park sells for $6.95, I can't find white slave, but most of the other Full Moon Grindhouse dvd's sell for $6.95 - $10.00. Cinemaker sells for $15. Maybe $3.00 on the cards. So, adding it all up, you received the better value on the Full Moon Box than you did the BOD.

    1. Placing a monetary value on random junk coming out of the Full-Moon warehouse is absurd. Perhaps I should have mentioned that the Mystery Boxes didn't allow you to specify a shirt size, which isn't too bad but when you receive a box with two shirts different sizes, that's just lazy. The films they threw in were obviously not flying off the shelves either, while opening the Mystery Boxes I honestly felt had. Also I may not agree that the Horror Decor items are "Crap" but I think you'd agree that BOD supporting a mom and pop horror company is pretty rad.