Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Haunting of Helena Recap & an Explanation of "Pretty Girl Ghost Mysteries"

          A couple of weeks ago I said I would comment on "The Haunting of Helena" no matter what, and wow did I drop the ball there. I originally wanted to make a way for me to justify watching films without dragging 4 or more citizens out from their various lairs and it looks like it didn't work outy too well. 
          The reason this post was forgotten wasn't just because "The Haunting of Helena" had very little to offer other than the totally laughable car wreck scene that the picture above is taken from. No, in fact the main reason was one of inspiration. I know that doesn't really make sense but I'll explain a bit later after I  quickly recap this car scene.

         Here is where the scene starts, a mom and her daughter are driving somewhere unimportant.

There is a boring conversation I have decided not to elaborate on before we get to the image above. Yes that's the cars GPS acting up. It's not totally clear but I think it's connection is being distorted by a paranormal force named Mux.

The next few photos don't need much explanation...

Yes awesome special effects, I know.

This is mom right before her head smashes through her driver side window.

Still with me? Okay so after the vehicle corkscrews this happens...

Yes, she see's a ghost in her backseat, Mux the ghost that hates GPS technology!

And then all is calm as the SUV sinks and everyone dies...

 Well that's how I would have ended it, but the film goes on to be one of many other horror films that share the same plot structure. I've been thinking about it for a while now and my working name for them are Pretty Girl Ghost Mysteries.

Pretty Girl Ghost Mysteries all follow the same story arch... First act: a pretty girl somehow gets involved in a mystery, there is a number of reasons to initiate this and usually is the most unique part of the film. Second act: The mystery turns out to be a restless spirit acting out because the horrors it lived have been forgotten. Third act: With the mystery solved and the ghost at rest all seems well, until one final clue is revealed about the spirit which shows that its true nature has always been evil. This final clue is discovered by the pretty girl just as the final victim of the ghost is claimed.

Expect a list of "Pretty Girl Ghost Mysteries" in the future. And thanks to the "Haunting of Helena" for making me finally address this horror sub genre.

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