Saturday, October 5, 2013


           Something strange has happened and I have to admit I'm am loving it. If you read the review of "The Black Cat" that was posted yesterday you got to see me go on a bit about how much I love Jeffrey Combs as Edgar Allen Poe. This was followed by me promising to report on any future activity of Jeffrey and his favorite prosthetic nose.

          So it seems I'm not the only who thought Jeffrey was perfect for Poe, now I only wish I had a ton of money to throw at this movie. I'll be adding a donation button on the blog to make sure I can afford the $400 prosthetic nose, I mean I cannot let that opportunity pass me by... Honestly I totally would spend that money but I think I'll settle for an 8x10 or a signed DVD. But enough about me, what are you gonna get?

Oh and If you skipped the video and just read my ramblings you better go back and watch it!  

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