Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Double F'n Feature Friday

Okay this double feature isn't really in stone yet as I may be starting a new job but I'm going to plan it for tomorrow anyway. The theme for this Friday will be documentaries so if you are getting a little burnt out on horror reviews here is the break you've been waiting for.

The First film "Adjust Your Tracking" is the latest screener I've received and it's also the first non horror film. This film is about the mighty VHS tape and the group of people that now collect them, I myself have started to and am really excited for this film.
I'd really like to have a lot of reviewers see this film so I might even cancel this if not enough people are free.

The Second documentary film is...

"The American Dreamer" is a must see. Hailed as the rawest star documentary ever this film follows Dennis Hopper as he attempts to make a sequel to "Easy Rider". From what I've read this film takes you on a drug fueled ride through Hopper's life, definitely a must see.  

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