Saturday, April 29, 2017

Your Favorite Slashers Are Now Kawaii Anime Girls

Have you ever wondered what Freddy or Jason might look like if they were anime girls? Well Kotobukiya did too and they decided they needed to make this dream a reality. This week it was suggested to me by Lord Battle that I should bring to light these strange figures from Japan that transform your favorite horror villains into kawaii anime girls!

Most of you probably don't know this about me, but I am very into Japanese figure collecting. I have everything from nendoroids to figmas to 1/8th scale PVC figures of all different sorts of anime and video game characters. I started going down this terrible money draining rabbit hole in high school and haven't been able to escape since. It was while I was perusing one of my usual figure sites for something for myself that I stumbled across the first figures of this series, Freddy and Jason. I was so confused by them that I showed them to Lord Battle and he was immediately enamored. I later did some research and found out that Kotobukiya figures was doing a line of bishoujo horror villains and they looked amazing. These figures are all under the category of statuettes and are typically the figures I like to buy the most. They don't really have too many interchangeable parts like nendoroids or figmas and their production quality is amazing.

Initially the first two installments in the series sold out very quickly. I was a bit upset because I had wanted to buy them for Lord Battle's birthday, but I later went to a collectible toy fair and found out where they had all been sold out to. These figures do reach a wide audience apparently, and Kotobukiya has continued to re release them making them quite easy to purchase now that they know there is an actual demand out there for them. If you look now, you can probably find most of these figures on Amazon (although they have since raised the initial price of Freddy and Jason since I purchased them). You can also check Crunchyroll and preorder them there for much cheaper, but you will have to wait a bit because they are preorders for the next rerun (I do recommend this if you aren't in a rush because they are great with their customer service and if you are a premium member you get another discount off of the price).

I just wanted to post this picture because I actually didn't know they were making a Tiffany figure and thought I should share it with you. With her that makes a total of five figures in the series including Freddy, Jason, Chucky, and Edward Scissorhands. Check them out! They're all well made, they smell very nice when you take them out of the package, and they look great on shelves!


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