Saturday, April 8, 2017

4 Years Later and Attack on Titan is Back!

Bookwyrm here yet again for another riveting post telling you all about whatever weird horror anime I decided to watch this week! However this week is a little different because I didn't watch an entire anime and I didn't read a manga, but rather I watched the first episode of the new season of Attack on Titan, everyone's favorite horror anime (for whatever reason). I figured it was time I got with the times and stopped reviewing age old things like Gyo and started talking about what the kids are into these days (not really I just ran out of things to talk about lolol).

Now as we can see from these key visuals released to announce the new season things certainly look a lot more chaotic don't they? Everyone looks a lot more stressed out than they were last season and boy oh boy is that picture with titan Eren facing off against the colossal and armored titan filled with lightning! Things do not look like they are going to go easily in the new season and as a manga reader let me tell you, I'm right! The days of training and friendship are over in season two and I'm betting there is going to be a lot more of straight up titan killing, people dying, arms being ripped off (hehe), and way less of annoying Mikasa crying about Eren ignoring her. Well okay, maybe not so much less of that last part. I for one can not wait to see what's going to happen over the course of the season and think it's (hopefully) going to be even better than the first!

The first episode throws you right back into the swing of things with a short recap of what happened last season and then cuts back to Hange about to throw a priest off a building because he won't talk about the titans hiding inside the walls. Ah yes, how I missed Attack on Titan. For the most part there was visually no difference animation wise between the two seasons which I love. My favorite aspect of the animation was always the way it looked, the color scheme and backgrounds were always so beautiful and I found the way the characters looked to be striking and the art always appealed to me. However I was hoping for more of a catchy theme song because I kept thinking back on the unforgettable "Guren no Yumiya" from the first part of season one and man was that song catchy and intense in all the right ways. Season two is also supposed to bring to light a ton of new developments including this new titan pictured above, the beast titan, go more into why there are titans within the walls, discovering the identities of the armored and colossal titans (and other yet to be mentioned titans), and even some more betrayal within humanities own ranks. And I'll finally get to stop hearing people talk about how they want to know who the Colossal titan is! (If you care that much just read the manga, I've known for years!!!!!) 

Just talking about the first episode I would have to say that I am excited to watch the rest of the season. I vividly remembered all of the characters names and what was happening before the start of the season and all of those stupid memories from watching season one came rushing back to me. So I will continue to watch this not only for myself but because as soon as it's dubbed I'm sure every annoying person around me that refuses to watch subbed anime will be talking about it just like when season one was dubbed all those years ago. If you thought Attack on Titan merchandise was starting to slowly fade away, you were wrong! Now that it's back on the air the merchandise will be coming back stronger than ever with everyone from children to grandparents who can't possibly know about the show sporting scouting legion jackets and Hot Topic overflowing their anime section with blankets, wallets, and shirts with Eren Yeager's face. I mean you may as well watch season two since it's probably the only anime your non anime watching friends will talk to you about if we're being honest!


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