Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: Devin Nixon & Morgan Tucker of Striplicker

Episode 35 welcomes half of industrial band Striplicker into the Disney Dungeon to talk music, fandoms, and horror movies. The usual roster is joined by the band's front man Morgan Tucker and drummer Devin Nixon.

Morgan at the DNA Lounge, picture courtesy of SF Sonic
Devin (aka Drummachine) has been involved with the Overlook since its conception and actually contributed to a lot of its development. His love of Kubrick and dwelling in the comforts of a dark theatre with Lord Battle helped the whole concept of the Overlook Theatre develop and grow naturally, but due to a crazy schedule, his time dwelling has been substantially cut down. He still dwells whenever possible.

Morgan is the front man of several projects, many of them with Devin. It started with Crashfaster, then along came Delorean Overdrive, and now there's the heavier Striplicker, who just released their first album. And yes, he does explain the name in this episode.

As usual, the guys start off with their weekend roundup, but be warned, a certain someone spoils the newest addition to the Fast and Furious franchise, The Fate of the Furious. (I personally couldn't tell you how, but you can skip ahead and avoid the spoilers. It's pretty early on)

The homework for the week was that everyone watch Nacho Vigalondo's crazy sci-fi horror Time Crimes, and if you have not seen this film you are missing out, according to the majority. There are arguably several spoilers, but I honestly don't know if they would ruin this film.

There's is never enough time to get to all the subjects that the guys have in mind, but one thing they had to bring up was Morgan's involvement in several low-budget indie horror movies. He has been responsible for the score to Flesh TX, Autopsy: A Love Story, and Dark Places, all of which were released through Brain Damage Films. We didn't get a chance to watch them before recording, but we will definitely seek them out. You may want to too, especially after hearing about them. (They are currently available on YouTube, on the Kings of Horror channel.)

But enough build up, time to check out episode 35 of The overlook Hour!


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