Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hauntology Productions Visits the Cohen-Bray House

The third guest that The Overlook Hour ever had, and the first guest guest that was unrelated the Overlook at all, was Jim Martin, the founder of Hauntology Productions. After a very informative and effective presentation about the different tools and gadgets used to assist paranormal investigation, Jim sat down with several of the regular hosts of the podcast and spoke on a more personal level. (You can find the episode here)

Now, Hauntology Productions has documented their second destination and it may be a familiar place to some of you beer enthusiasts, as it hosted the 2nd annual popup beer garden in October last year. It's the Cohen-Bray House in Oakland, California.

This documentary opens with some very bay area specific shots, like Bart going over the bridge into the east bay, but then dives into the history of the Cohen-Bray house, which is preserved as a historic museum. After speaking to some of the tour guides on staff, we are taken though the house ourselves. And what paranormal investigation would be complete without some EVP sessions in the dark?

You can check out the Hauntology YouTube Channel for more videos and to get in contact with Jim Martin himself. He's very active and responds to many of the comments left. And be sure to check them out on Facebook.


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