Sunday, January 3, 2016

Creepy PastaMania Serves Up Some NickyXX!

I was having a hard time choosing which story I wanted to use this week; I had both The Cats of Juniper Valley and Slum in mind and both are equally amazing. When I went to look at the author of each story to my surprise I found out they were both written by the same person and after looking up her user page I found out she actually has written 3 more of my favorite pastas. So I decided to make this week about the extremely talented NickyXX. I wish she had a site or even a FaceBook to link to but as of right now she just has a user page on the creepypasta Wikia. Each of her stories are not overly long so it should take around 30 minutes to read, maybe 45 for the couple of longer ones but all are well worth it. It's kind of messed up that I never really cared about the authors that much before, maybe one or two I'd notice and check out their sites, but to find out it was one person writing my favorite stories, and I didn't even know, has made me acknowledge that I need to give more respect to the actual authors.

Three Friends Diner

Genre: Haunted Place/ Malevolent Being

Reading Time: 20 min


Synopsis: It's every filmmaker's dream: the perfect location. But an old evil lurks within the newly gentrified Arts District in Los Angeles, ready to turn this crew's dream into a nightmare.

The Burned Photo

Genre: Malevolent Being/Creepy Kids

Reading Time: 30-45 min

Author: NickyXX

Synopsis: Something is following Felicia, using children as its envoy and fire as its weapon.

The Shredder Monkey

Genre: Demonic Entities/ Other Dimensions

Reading Time: 30 min

Author: NickyXX

Synopsis: Nightmares are one thing. But what do you do when the occupants of your wildest dreams invade your daily routine?


Genre: Haunted Building/ Demonic Entities

Reading Time: 45 min

Author: NickyXX

Synopsis: An aging LAPD officer shares tales of horror from an abandoned low-income housing complex.

The Cats of Juniper Valley

Genre: Creatures/ Possession

Reading Time: 30 min

Author: NickyXX

Synopsis: Good house pets go bad.

These ratings reflect the whole of NickyXX's work

(How Scary)

Pasta Quality
(How Well Written)

- Ice Giant


  1. I randomly come across your blog because Nicky XX made author of the month at the main wiki. I love the reviews but it seems you stop doing creepypasta reviews quite some time ago? Any chance you start them up again? I like the rest of your site a lot though so many new movies I'd never heard of I must check out now.

    1. You found us exactly as we hoped you would. I actually had forgot we even did this Creepy Pasta review but originally it was intended to help share short stories that were open to the public for free. And honestly now that you've brought my attention back to our weird Hulk Hogan bannered segment, I think I will put some energy into reviving Creepypastamania! But you have to come back and interact with us. ;)

    2. I already have a ton of reviews to catch up with I'm loving it all, especially how everyone is their own little character. Only thing the bluray tuesday for the most part is just a copy and paste from the official movie description? Which is fine but it'll give me something to skip if that is the case.