Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Treasures From The ComiCombs

Since starting this article up at the end of 2015, there were quite a few great titles out there that I missed and haven’t had a chance to talk about. This week I’m bringing you some of my favorite sci-fi horror titles from last month. As this month starts to wind down, so do my impressions on Spread volume one: No Hope. This week I’ll be talking about chapters 3 and 4 and I’ll have a final scoring on the whole book next week!

Faster Than Light (Image Comics)

Writer - Brian Haberlin

Artist - Brian Haberlin

Colorist – Dan Kemp , Dave Kemp

In the near future we discover faster than light travel. This book tells the tales of humanity’s first adventures to the stars. The first half of this book reminds me of Prometheus while the second half pushes more towards Star Trek. This has been an entertaining read and, while not the most terrifying of titles on this list, it’s enough to keep me waiting until issue #6 arrives in May.

The Disciples (Black Mask Studios)

Writer - Steve Niles

Artist - Christopher Mitten

Colorist - Jay Photos

Steve Niles, master of the macabre returns with the Disciples. A group has been hired to track down a wealthy politician's daughter on Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede. The mission takes a turn for the worse very quickly and in the 4 issue run, and it doesn’t slow down. What the unique art style lacks in the way of detailed facial expressions, the gruesome death scenes definitely make up for it. Issue #4 came too quickly and will leave you wanting more. It’s definitely short enough to read in one sitting and I recommend doing just that.

Nameless (Image Comics)

Writer – Grant Morrison

Artist – Chris Burnham

Colortst – Nathan Fairbairn

Grant Morrison kills this one. The pacing throughout the series is great. Morrison’s writing is by far a standout here but is elevated by the art duo of Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn. A solid first issue introduces us to Nameless, our protagonist. Nameless is recruited on a mission to save the world from an asteroid named Xibalba. The end of days by asteroid scenario has been done but not like this. There are some pretty creepy images generously scattered throughout this book and it has its fair share of gore. Give this one a shot. I will definitely be picking up the trade when it’s released at the end of February.

Spread Volume one: No Hope
Chapter 4 and 5

Writer – Justin Jordan

Artist – Kyle Strahm

Colorist – Felipe Sobreiro

When we left off in chapter 3, No was not in the best of situations. Ravello was looking for No and the Preacher was up to something. We open chapter 4 with a short glimpse into Molly’s past. We met Molly at the end of chapter 2, she’s been tasked with feeding Hope and by the looks of it, taking care of her while No is finding trouble. Chapter 4 is an important issue. A lot is happening here. All of our main characters are now in one place and boy is there a showdown. We’re finally reaching the climax and chapter 5 is an all out gore fest. We finally see more of what the Spread and Ravello are both capable of. Chapter 5 is slim on plot but what there is seemingly sets the tone for the rest of the series as far as I can tell. Two more good chapters down and only one left until volume one closes out. Now that things are laid out I’m starting to have more hopes and concerns but you’ll have to wait until next week when Spread volume one reaches its conclusion!

- Creature of the ComiCombs

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