Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Visit to The Return of the Living Dead's Filming Locations

Visiting the locations of some of the most iconic and loved films in horror history is the cheapest and easiest way a horror nerd can vicariously experience the magic of that film all over again. Like going to Disneyland for the first time, these places hold enough magic to keep a cheesy grin on our faces as they hold a special place in our hearts and bring out the little monster kid in all of us. With the San Francisco Alamo Drafthouse scheduling a screening of an original print of Dan O' Bannons adaptation of John A. Russo's Return of the Living Dead I thought it fitting to share my field trip to these film locations. So, "do you wanna party?!"...... "it's party time!" 

We start off with the "Uneeda Medical Supply" building which still stands proud at 698 Moulton Avenue in Los Angeles. Surprisingly, the building looks relatively the same but is now a private residence in a now industrialized area . Great photos can still be taken from outside the fenced area. 

Conveniently located right by the building on Moulton Ave. is the area where the "Resurrection Cemetery" gate was located. Oddly enough, an actual gate to a private storage/parking lot now resides there. 

Last but not least, where a fake wall structure that the punks walked along to get to the cemetery once stood, now stands an actual wall! This wall surprisingly has no graffiti and some nice trees planted along the walk way. This wall is also in the same area as the "Uneeda" building and my Mom and Dad were cool enough to walk like punk rockers to help me live out a dream and reenact the scene (just as they were cool enough to let me see the film as a kid when it came out on VHS).

 These three spots are located on a dead end street roughly 4 blocks long with plenty of parking in an okay part of town. If you are in the area and love this movie as much as I do I highly suggest paying a visit, especially if you are back from the grave and ready to party! A big thank you to 80'smovielocations for spot on addresses! 

Tickets are still available for the Alamo Drafthouse screening of Return of the Living Dead! You can find them here.


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