Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: Brett Cameron Glassberg (Derelicts)

When Derelicts played at Santa Rosa'a Silver Scream Film Festival, we missed it. Certainly not for lack of interest, simply due to a very overlapped schedule and too much to do. I believe we were in another movie when it started. Then, when Derelicts screened across the country at the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival, we missed it again because we were only able to make it for the weekend. But what we did make it for was arguably better; we got to meet and hang out with the director.

Brett Glassberg, the co-writer and director of Derelicts, hung out all four days of PUFF and watched every movie he could. He might have seen them all, actually. He's definitely a fan. Which raised the question "What's his movie going to be like?" After watching movies that reflect the director's hyper sensitivity to everything (they're boring) or were pumped too full of "homage" (they felt lazy), I couldn't help but wonder what we were in for with Derelicts

And it killed! The combination of completely original psychopaths and unforeseeable kills connected with our often bloodthirsty audience. Although I would have loved to see how a wider audience reacted to this movie, I feel like watching it with the Overlook's creatures made for an uninhibited experience. People reacted without restraint and immediately turned to their neighbor for comradery, there was applause, and even some laughter. It was great!

Derelicts currently does not have a release date, so the obvious next step was to talk to the man behind this vision and he obliged. Check it out below and be fire to follow the film on Facebook and Twitter!


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