Monday, November 12, 2018

Screenings in the Bay (Monday to Sunday): The Clovehitch Killer, Body Melt, Laserblast

We are entering a very event heavy week you guys, so get ready!

There are two titles under the Opening This Week category, but unfortunately neither of them appear to be showing in theatres for us. Still, I must admit that I'm into both of these titles: The Clovehitch Killer and The Farm (love me some cannibals). What we do have in theatres includes Rocky IV, tonight at the Roxie Theatres, presented by Midnites for Maniacs, then Terror Tuesday gets gooey with Body Melt in 35mm, Weird Wednesday brings Yorgos Lanthimos's Dogtooth to the screen, while the Super Shangri-La Show does a Freaky Space Dudes Double Feature at the Balboa Theatre.

There is also a French Noir film festival starting up at the Roxie Theatre this Thursday, get details and the full lineup here.

Opening This Week

Limited Theatres/VOD Friday 16th (1hr 50min)
Horror (Rotten Tomatoes)
A shocking revelation turns a teenage boy's world upside down in this chilling look at the evil that can lurk below even the most wholesome surface. Tyler Burnside (Charlie Plummer) is a Boy Scout, a volunteer at his local church, and the dutiful son of an upstanding, community leader dad (Dylan McDermott). Only one thing troubles the quiet Kentucky town he lives in: the unsolved murders--in which ten women were brutally tortured and killed by a psychopath known as Clovehitch--that rocked the community more than a decade ago. When Tyler discovers a cache of disturbing images in his father's possession, he begins to suspect that the man he trusts most in the world may be Clovehitch--and that his deadly rampage may not be over. With unrelenting tension, director Duncan Skiles crafts a picture-perfect vision of the all-American family--and then piece by piece rips it to shreds.

Limited Theatres/VOD Friday 16th (1hr 20min)
Horror (Rotten Tomatoes)
While taking a road trip, a young couple takes a wrong turn on a highway and decides to stop at a diner for a meal. Little do they know that their choice of a simple hamburger will have such horrible consequences. Their journey soon becomes a harrowing story of survival and escape as they are kidnapped by local farmers with nefarious intentions... On their farm, humans are the main dish.

Terror Tuesday

Tuesday 13th @ 10:35pm (1hr 21min)
Horror/ Comedy/ Sci-Fi (IMDB)
Residents of peaceful Pebbles Court, Homesville, are being used unknowingly as test experiments for a new 'Body Drug' that causes rapid body decomposition (melting skin etc.) and painful death.

Weird Wednesday

Wednesday 14th @ 10:35pm (1hr 34min)
Drama/ Horror/ Thriller (IMDB)
The father, the mother and their three kids live at the outskirts of a city. There is a tall fence surrounding the house. The kids have never been outside that fence. They are being reared in the manner that their parents deem appropriate, without any influence from the outside world. The only person allowed to enter the house is Christina. She works as a security guard at the father's business. The father arranges her visits to the house in order to appease the sexual urges of the son. The whole family is fond of her, especially the eldest daughter. One day Christina gives her as a present a headband that has stones that glow in the dark and asks for something in return.

Laserblast (1978)
Wednesday 14th @ 7:30pm (1hr 25min)
Horror/ Sci-Fi (IMDB)
A California teen (Kim Milford) finds a laser gun and a pendant left by aliens, who watch what happens...he destroys everything in his way!!


Time Walker (1982)
Wednesday 14th @ 9pm (1hr 23min)
Horror/ Sci-Fi (IMDB)
A mummified alien unearthed at King Tut's tomb runs amok when a university professor exposes it to radiation!

Touch of Evil (1958)
Wednesday 14th @ 2:50pm & 7pm (1hr 35min)
Crime/ Drama/ Noir (IMDB)
When a car bomb explodes on the American side of the U.S./Mexico border, Mexican drug enforcement agent Miguel Vargas (Charlton Heston) begins his investigation, along with American police captain Hank Quinlan (Orson Welles). When Vargas begins to suspect that Quinlan and his shady partner, Menzies (Joseph Calleia), are planting evidence to frame an innocent man, his investigations into their possible corruption quickly put himself and his new bride, Susie (Janet Leigh), in jeopardy.


Stage Fright (1950)
Wednesday 14th @ 4:55pm & 9:05pm (1hr 50min)
Noir/ Thriller (IMDB)
The police think actor Jonathan Cooper (Richard Todd) is a murderer, and now they're on his tail. He asserts that it was his lover, the famous actress Charlotte Inwood (Marlene Dietrich), who killed the victim (not coincidentally, her husband). He seeks shelter with his ex-girlfriend Eve (Jane Wyman), a budding actress. Convinced Jonathan is innocent, Eve plays detective and assumes multiple disguises. But once she is entangled in a web of deception, she fears everyone in fact wears a mask.

Peaches Christ Productions Presesnts

Saturday 17th @ 4pm & 8pm
Our hi-class, low-brow, couture-drenched parody of the '80s cult classic, "Troop Beverly Hills"

Midnight Madness

Friday 16th & Saturday 17th @ 11:55pm (1hr 53min)
Drama/ SciFi/ Thriller (IMDB)
A troubled teenager is plagued by visions of a man in a large rabbit suit who manipulates him to commit a series of crimes, after he narrowly escapes a bizarre accident.

Midnites For Maniacs Presents

Monday 12th @ 8:30pm (1hr 31min)
Drama/ Sports (IMDB)
Stallone is back for the fourth time (as Rocky) when an invincible computer-trained Soviet boxer kills his friend in a one-sided bout. Rocky must get ready for one more impossible bout against a clobbering cluck who probably couldn't get his own grandma to root for him. Even though there is probably never any real doubt as to the outcome, this film will likely have viewers on their chairs' edges one more time.


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