Saturday, November 10, 2018

Bay Area Punk-Metal Flea Market comes to Oakland Metro Operahouse

Tomorrow the Overlook will be taking a field trip to the Oakland Metro Operahouse to man a table at the Savage People's third annual Bay Area Punk-Metal Flea Market! This is a free event, so you bay area folks should come by and tour the multiple rows of DIY artists, publishers, and other creative minds. Chances are you'll find something awesome to take home and you'll be supporting independent creators at the same time. 

In addition to movies and various horror stuff, we'll also be selling limited tshirts of the latest Overlook art, done by The Gross Uncle, and spreading the found footage horror love with updates about the second Unnamed Footage Festival.

Yet another reason to come out to the flea market is the musical lineup! Eight bands and a DJ will accompany the over 50 vendors. And again, there's no cover to get in ☺

Check out the event page and RSVP today! Hope to see you guys tomorrow!


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