Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: Scott Frazelle, Father of Moggy Creatures

Welcome back for another episode of The Overlook Hour everyone! This week, the guys are joined by Scott Frazelle, the writer, creator, and director of an indie film that I personally can’t wait for, Moggy Creatures. If this title sounds familiar, it may be because you’re already be following Moggy Creatures or Scott on their many social media accounts, or that perhaps you remember KillDozer’s interview with Scott from a couple months ago. Either way, you’re in for another great interview with this week’s podcast. 

We had the pleasure of meeting Scott, along with a prototype of one of his monsters, while we were stuck in the most confusing parking structure ever, on our way to Monsterpalooza. Since that meeting, it's just been a pleasure to watch his project develop and the cats grow, and this new update he gave on The Overlook Hour is extremely exciting for more than one reason. But you’ll have to listen to find out what they are. 

I will say this: a crowdfunding campaign is in the works, and you'll have the chance to get your hands on a Barbie-scale Moggy Creature action figure, and there was talk of some variation of cat head/skull mug (which I really, really want!). The campaign is scheduled to launch January 17th, but until then, you can find out more about Moggy Creatures at their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And be sure to sign up for the newsletter at 😼


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