Sunday, January 29, 2017

Overlooked Crowd Funding: Moggy Creatures

Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've done one of these articles and I could't think of a better reason to resurrect it than the Indiegogo campaign for Moggy Creatures! By now, we're pretty familiar with the father of these hand-made movie monsters, Scott Frazelle, as he's been a featured guest of ours several times. After our chance meeting at Monsterpalooza, Scott has spoken in depth about his passion project with KillDozer during a Digging Up the Dirt interview, and then again on an episode of The Overlook Hour, where he Skyped in to give us all an update. It was during that interview that he mentioned plans for a crowd funding campaign, to be launched in January. 

Two of the stars of Moggy Creatures; T-Rex (left) and Sadie Katz (right)
Moggy Creatures is an indie horror movie that is being made with practical effects, mechanical cats, and a little hairless cat named T-Rex. You can follow him on Instagram here! This is the synopsis found on the movie's site:

"Michael and Anna are leftovers of the Hollywood dream; he was once a promising actor, she an aspiring photographer. They cling to their artistic dreams, but their bond has thinned over the years and a devastating loss. Their new fixer-upper, far from the Hollywood Hills, offers some solace when they bring in a stray cat and it has kittens. Anna loves the new pets, finds a rewarding job, and turns back to Michael, who also finds a new opportunities. But as the kittens grow at a shocking pace, they begin influencing Anna and testing Michael. Anna's behavior becomes tortured and irrational, the now grown cats more intelligent, and Michael can no longer tell where reality lies - until one final growth spurt reveals what they are, and what he must do."

Want more? Here's the trailer:

As a lover of cats and monster movies, I personally can't wait to watch this finished film, but in order for that to happen sooner, let's get some backers for the film's Indiegogo Campaign! Let's take a look at some of the perks:

  • $15 bucks is not that far off from a movie ticket, for one person. That's also the price of a digital download of Moggy Creatures, and a thanks in the credits. Add another ten bucks for a t-shirt on top of all that.

Under $100:
  • If you can't get enough of those scary hairless cat creatres, why not get a poster with your movie? for $50 you will get the digital download of Moggy Creatures, as well as a signed movie poster.
  • $85 may be a bit steep price for a coffee mug, but that's not all you get with this perk! Not only is this the mug to end all mugs, shaped like the head of a mutant hairless cat and made of unbreakable material, it also comes with a digital download of the movie and a thanks in the credits. Each mug is limited and numbered.
  • Another one of the most exciting perks that Scott mentioned on the podcast was the Moggy creature action figure, which can be yours for $100! It's limited and numbered, and can be posed to look great sitting in your collection. 

Breaking the Piggy Bank:
  • The Ultimate Litter Box is the perk for the indecisive. For $200, you get a DVD of the finished film, a t-shirt, the limited action figure, the limited cat head coffee mug, and a huge thank you in the credits! This actually works out best if you have your eye on a couple of the bigger perk items. 

You can find the rest of the campaign perks at the the Moggy Creatures Campaign page.

Find out more about Moggy Creatures and follow their monstrous growth at their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


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