Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: Barbara Crampton

Barbara Crampton’s name is synonymous with iconic horror movies. She started her cinematic career with a role on Days of Our Lives, and it was not long before she got into film. After starring in a string of beloved 80’s gems like Re-Animator and From Beyond, she definitely earned her scream queen title. 

She’s worked with big names like Stuart Gordon and Brian De Palma, and even more niche directors like Adam Wingard. Her best roles didn’t end in the 80’s either; Barbara is constantly popping up in new and unexpected roles, like the Reverend Mother in Little Sister and Evelyn, the host of a VHS board game, in Beyond the Gates, which just screened at Another Hole in the Head film fest earlier this month. 

Being a bay area resident, Barbara Crampton is also becoming a familiar face at an growing number of bay area events. She recently made her first appearance at the Alamo Drafthouse, where she did a Q&A following the screening of Little Sister, and was also a special guest for the finale of Another Hole in the Head. Next month, she’s planning to return to the Alamo for another screening of Beyond the Gates, so if you missed it the first time around, make sure to be there!

It was actually during the Little Sister event that we got the opportunity to talk to Barbara, or rather Lord Battle did, as he was hosting the Q&A. And she excitedly agreed to come on the Overlook Hour and speak to those film nerds dwelling in the infamous Disney Dungeon. 

Check out the episode below!


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