Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sinister Creature Con: Horror and Fantasy for the Whole Family

What an incredible feeling pulling up to an old freemason building to see crowds of cosplay creatures and creations from all over the genre universe ready to party. Everywhere you looked, monsters and horror nerds were hanging out at panels, eating out of food trucks, and taking photos with legendary guests. The community really comes together for a solid convention especially when it is a labor of love put on by those who really care. Sacramento's Sinister Creature Con is such a convention. An awesome collection of creature kid artists were on display next to beautiful paintings and sculptures, some of them creating their beautifully dark art live so that all could witness their talent. 

The rainy weekend definitely helped set the mood for some truly amazing meet and greets with Nightmare on Elm St's Dream Warriors Ken Sagoes and Jennifer Rubin who also had an amazing panel discussion about my favorite installment of the "Nightmare" franchise. 

Guests also included effects legend Bill Bryan, who for those that don't know played the StayPuft Marshmallow Man in the original GhostBusters as well as the pit witch in Army of Darkness, and was also the puppeteer for Chucky in the Child's Play series, no big deal! One of my favorite panel discussions was with John Kassir who is the voice behind our beloved Crypt Keeper from the anthology series Tales from the Crypt. John is a successful voice actor who also voiced Buster Bunny for Tiny Toons. During the panel he was able to display his talent by acting out a discussion between the Crypt Keeper and Buster Bunny for everyone's comedic delight. I was also lucky enough to speak with Nathan Baesel about the highly anticipated sequel to Behind The Mask: The Rise of Lesley Vernon. Nathan let me know about the fund raising process and some insider information about the direction that the next installment will take. 

Seeing as how this was a local convention I also spent some time with our horror family from Forever Midnight Podcast (scary movie research center and cooperative), awesome people doing awesome things. I was lucky enough to score some fun stuff from their store and nerd out about film, of course. 

My 2 year old daughter had a blast falling in love with every cosplay creature and getting her heart broken when she realized we couldn't take them home. 

All in all it was fun for the whole family and I am excited to see what they come up with next year. Check out to see all the fun you missed out on and to find out what they're planning for next year. 

And remember to check in at The Overlook Theatre to see all the amazing events taking place in the bay area.


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