Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: Mike Keegan, Program Director of the SF Alamo Drafthouse

Anyone who glances at our Instagram feed, even for a moment, knows that we spend a whole bunch of time at the Alamo Drafthouse. In its first year of being open, we have only missed a handful of Weird Wednesdays and even fewer Terror Tuesdays. And with the Alamo’s no talking or texting rules, we end up seeing regular releases there pretty often to eliminate the possibility of the audience ruining the experience. 

Spending so much time at the Alamo, we started getting to know a lot of the people who worked there. And one of our oldest and closest friends there is this week’s guest, Mike Keegan, the program director of the San Francisco Drafthouse. He’s an east coast native, who grew up on movies, presenting and watching them with friends in a basement. Now he brings that same welcoming atmosphere to the Alamo every week, introducing movies as if he was still talking to a room full of friends. And nine times out of ten, Mike is the first face you’ll see when exiting the theatre, when he’s not surrounded by people that is. 

We’ve learned something about Mike over the months that we’ve known him; he’s got a ton of stories and movie knowledge to share. So Lord Battle booked him some time in the Disney Dungeon- weeks in advance - and the day finally came. Part 1 of the conversation with Mike is below (I said he's got a lot of stories, didn't I?). Check back next week for Part 2!


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