Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Treasures From The ComiCombs Issue #43: Wolfcop, Outcast, and Kid Friendly Halloween Comics

Before we get to it I just wanted to take a moment for Steve Dillon, another comic book legend we recently lost. He has done some amazing work illustrating runs for Hellblazer, the entire Preacher series, and some amazing work on Punisher with Garth Ennis, Jason Aaron and the most recent run with Becky Cloonan. Dillon’s passing is a major loss in the comic book community and I’m happy that I've had the opportunity to grow up with his fantastic catalogue of work.

Welcome back for your dose of comic books! October has been an excellent month for releases. If you have a bit more control than I do when it comes to your weekly pull, I’ve done a bit of digging to help you narrow it down. This week I also have two extra recommendations to get you in the Halloween mood!

Outcast #22 (Image)

Up first this week we have Outcast #22. The story has been heating up like crazy, it’s been difficult to see how Kyle and the reverend have fared without one another and I can’t wait to see what Kirkman and Azaceta have in store for us. As we start to wind down to the final months of 2016, it’s time to start thinking about a top 10 and Outcast has definitely made its case to be on that list.

Bloodshot USA #1 (Valiant)

The beginning of an all new Bloodshot arc is here and it’s one that shouldn’t be missed. Jeff Lemire has been doing amazing things with this series and I've been anticipating this arc since it was announced. It looks to take the zombie infestation and twist it in a way that can only be done in Bloodshot.

Wolfcop #1 (Dynamite)

Finally! The first thought I had after watching Wolfcop was that it would make an amazing comic book series. I am beyond excited to see that it has finally reached the shelves of our local comic shops. This book is supposed to take place between Wolfcop and its sequel, so be sure to pick this up to extend the experience from the film.

Like many of the creatures here at the Overlook Theatre, Halloween is a day that my nerd meter overflows. Like many of you, as I’ve gotten older it’s been one of those days that feeds the child inside of me (lots of nerd things and also lots of candy). Many of you out there have kids and, although I promised some Halloween one-shot reviews this week, I decided to switch it up a little bit and instead I’ve chosen a couple child friendly Halloween books that you will enjoy just as much as your kids. So pick one of these up and read it with them!

Bob’s Burgers #16

While this technically isn’t a Halloween story, it is still a great read and something any monster kid will find familiar. Bob’s Burgers is a hilarious show and if you happen to be a fan you will love this book. This particular issue sees the Belchers come face to face with a giant bloodthirsty burger! The story is told in three parts, each by one of the kids with a slightly different art style for each story. It would have been a nice touch to see more of the kid’s personalities in the events that happen in each one of their stories, but beyond that I have no real complaints. This is a fun story that will make you smile and probably want to eat a burger.

Adventure Time 2015 Spooktacular

While we did see the 2016 Spooktacular released a few weeks ago, I decided to read the 2015 Spooktacular. Marceline’s character has one of the best back stories and this book gives a bit more of a glimpse into her past. The transition from the show to the book is flawless. The same humor is present with a familiar art style and story progression. Like the show, it’s a deep, well written story with a lighthearted delivery. I really enjoyed reading this and recommend it to any fan of the series (show or book). It may be hard to find on shelves being that it’s a year old, but you can find a digital copy on Comixology for only a few dollars. So be sure to pick this up! 

That wraps it up this week. I hope you found something interesting on the list and make sure to show your support for local shops by picking one, or all of them up! And be sure to come back in two weeks to feed that growing hunger for comic books.

- The Creature of the ComiCombs

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