Saturday, April 9, 2016

Creepy PastaMania!

Hello again, Pasta fans! Pull up a chair and get comfy for this week's CreepyPasta Mania! This week, I paroozed through one of the other interesting categories found on in order to find something to probe. I chose to look through Objects and Artifacts. 

Genre: Artifacts and Objects

Author: Anonymous

Reading Time: 15 Minutes

Synopsis: Gordon starts a game that won't let him stop playing.

(How Scary)

Pasta Quality
(How Well Written)

For this review, I read the first of this two part story, because I wanted to see how this whole situation was going to be set up. And right from the beginning, the narrator makes some pretty bug clams, which feels like it could be a bad move and kind of a cop out intro to the story. In Ikidomari, Gordon stumbles upon a cursed board game that was left in an abandoned apartment building and starts playing it. Yes, it is impossible to read this without thinking of Jumanji at least a handful of times, especially when the player pieces are attached to the board and move on their own. I tried really hard to keep the two separated in my mind as I read and not to hold this fact against the story. Luckily, it does not stay similar for long, as the players of Ikidomari are taunted by a doll and shadowy figures, not wild animals. Part one of the story felt unnecessarily long, and was full of awkward details and a lack of editing. My favorite difference between this game and Jumanji was that Ikidomari won't just sit in an attic and let you forget about it; the game haunts its players until they continue. However, it didn't feel like Gordon had to be pushed very far in order to be on the brink of his sanity, but that is probably just a shortcoming within the writing. With some editing, this story could have been a lot scarier. And, although I didn't include part two, I will say that it has a totally different pace. Meaning it doesn't waste any time! So definitely check it out if you want to see where these kids end up.


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