Tuesday, May 19, 2015

H.R. Giger at Landmark Theatres and a Quick Cinematic Recap

Can you imagine peeking into the mind that brought you Alien? Getting to know the man who bent machines into sleek sexual forms and put them into compromising positions (on paper that is)? 

Well two Landmark Theatres in the bay area are giving you that exact opportunity by screening 2014's Dark Star H.R. Gigers World in several threatres. This film is new to theatres and will also be available on VOD in August. You will be able to own your very own copy in September.

For now it will be screening in just two locations in the bay area: Landmark Cinemas Shattuck in Berkeley and the Opera Plaza Cinemas in San Francisco. 
You can look up showtimes here

But if you'd rather laugh yourself almost into a headache, you can still check out What We Do in the Shadows, which is also playing at select Landmark Theatres. It tells the story of four different eras of vampire living together in a single flat in New Zealand, in the weeks leading up to a huge annual party
This is definitely a collection worthy horror comedy and I can't wait to own it. Until then, showtimes are available at the Landmark Theatre site. 

And the Castro Theatre is a week away from kicking off this year's Silent Film Festival. You can see some great old films given a new life with a live orchestra accompanying each screening! The full schedule, along with the rest of the month's screening can be found here.

Bring your friends!

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