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Wolf Cop or An Adult Hero Written for Adult Children

9 of 9 viewers "Liked" "Wolf Cop" (2014, Canada)
Here's what the citizens of the Overlook Theatre had to say:

The Berkeley Blazer - "Unlike many horror films where the humor is an important but secondary aspect of the overall presentation, Wolf Cop goes for the comedy jugular at every opportunity, successfully drawing buckets of increasingly bountiful blood an laughter, especially when the supernatural elements of the story begin to ignite. Wolf Cop stumbles only when it presents its usually endearingly juvenile sensibilities without apparent irony, as if the filmmakers are laughing with Wolf Cop rather than at him. That minor nitpick aside, Wolf Cop is ideally viewed with a group of friends who find the idea of watching a film called Wolf Cop a promising experience; tears of laughter taste best when shared." - 3.5 Stars

Lord Battle - "A must see for fans of Hobo with a Shotgun, Wolf Cop manages to feel just as campy and just as Canadian!" - 5 Stars

Math Mage - "Everyone should see this movie. Somehow even the awkward 80's style dialogue was great. The awkward 80's style sex scene was even great. Brutal/hilarious violence, engaging story, entertaining characters. I need to stop gushing... I want to give them my money, when can I buy this movie? See Wolf Cop!" - 5 Stars

The Impostor - "Pure awesomeness. A mix of comedy, horror, and brief references to Teen Wolf and Ginger Snaps. Wolf Cop is a must watch for everyone! Lowell Dean takes werewolf films to the next level." - 5 Stars

Unicorn Slayer - "A real gem out of Canada. This horror/comedy touches on classic wolf-man themes, amp'd up with modern cinema magics. Cheeky humor, interesting characters, and the perfect small town vibe. I absolutely appreciate that they took the route of special effects makeup as opposed to CGI. Other werewolf movies could learn a thing or two from Wolf Cop." - 4 Stars

Book Wyrm - "I was gonna give this 3 stars but the after credit scene alone got it another star. The movie was definitely entertaining but I don't see myself watching it again. It's a nice, short movie and definitely fun to watch but I just wasn't super into it. The wolf looked great though!" - 4 Stars

Huntress - "This movie knew what it was doing from the beginning to end; it was funny but also didn't hesitate to slow down and take the horror elements seriously. All the blood and gore looks great!" - 5 Stars

KillDozer - "Writer/Director Lowell Dean is obviously a monster kid who knows how to make other monster kids laugh and have a good time while not making his audience feel like they are being spoken down to. This is the kind of movie I can't wait to share with other people. Full of crude humor, cult style werewolf exploits, boobs, blood, and awesome "A Team" style action sequences. I can't wait for the sequel. This again is a movie that reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously when it comes to creature features! Sit back with some snacks and friends, and enjoy this crime fighting lycanthrope." - 4 Stars (Collection worthy)

Ice Giant - "Campiness at its best. Nothing to dislike about this movie, soundtrack and story are perfect." - 5 Stars

The Overlook Theatre Final Rating*

Let me start by saying Wolf Cop is exactly what you think it is (for all you Pieces fans), only better. Everyone thinks this film is going to contain a werewolf who happened to be a cop and for some reason still tries to uphold the law, which is both correct and also totally wrong. Wolf Cop is by no means trying to reinvent to wheel or outsmart anybody; what Lowell Dean is trying to do is entertain.
Wolf Cop is a perfect example of what an Action/Comedy/Horror should be. First we have Lou Garou (wolf cop) as our shoot first ask questions later style hero. It's about damn time we get to root for a mean monster. Usually when a monster is the hero they are a domesticated/loving version but Lou Garou is thankfully staring in a rated R film and is an adult hero written for adult children. Second comes a cast of equally interesting horror-esque villains for our badass hero to fight. Then when you back this all up with well timed jokes and some awesome gags, you get a film that could entertain a room full of people drinking or a group simply looking for a good film.
I'm finding it difficult to discuss this film and I'm not sure why. I think it's because Wolf Cop is such a solid/straight forward film that it doesn't need a theory dissection or a round-table recap. It might just be the most honest film I've ever seen. Lowell Dean really tapped into something here, The Overlook Theatre ended up screening this film 3 times and to a large amount of return reviewers, which is abnormal. Typically we screen a film 1 time to at least 5 reviewers and ask if anyone has seen the film previously. This is because people bitch and moan when subjected to something they've already seen (I don't know why). With Wolf Cop I forewarned people that I'd be showing it again and the audience just kept growing every time...

Here's the second version of the poster used for the review.
Thanks to Francois Deverly, for supplying the amazing art!

- Lord Battle

*Based on the star ratings turned in by character reviewers, others viewed and got to "Dislike" or "Like" but that does not effect the rating.

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