Saturday, May 23, 2015

Acid Witch - Midnight Movies LP is Out Now!

Midnight Movies LP just hit HellsHeadbangers get over there and buy your copy now! The picture disc (above) and German flag colors have already sold out but the color discs are still available. These are limited to a run of 300 so go!

Acid Witch is a Detroit based metal band that's pretty hard to classify but if you like Doomed Heavy Metal with Halloween/Horror lyrics, I just want you to remember Lord Battle told you about them when you're getting "Acid Witch" tattooed on your arm.

Midnight Movies features 4 tracks, each from a legit Heavy Metal Horror movie. 

"I'm Back" from the near perfect Rocktober Blood may just be the best Horror/Metal song ever and Acid Witch really makes it their own on this EP. "After Midnight" from Trick or Treat is one of the more tame re-imaginings on this album but still a solid headbanger. I LOVE the 3rd track "Soldiers of the Night" from the first Metalsploitation film I've ever seen Black Roses. I like the Acid Witch version more than Black Roses (King Kobra) original and I play in at least once a day in my car...
The final track "Partytime" comes from the classic Return of the Living Dead and it seems as a sign of respect they didn't change this one too much from the 45 Graves original (which I might be wrong about as there are two versions of this song floating around by 45 Graves and they might be covering a specific version). These tracks are all sprinkled with clips and original recordings all talking about or relating to the heavy metal horror we love so much!

The artwork alone makes this vinyl worth owning and once you know the films they are covering, it becomes even more rad! I'll for sure be reaching out to these guys soon.

- Lord Battle

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