Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Box of Dread 8/20/2014


First we have a sticker and subscription guide to Stan Winston's school. This totally caught me off guard as the late Stan Winston has been dead from some time. After looking into it (or just reading the back of the card) you're just paying for instructional video's. Might be pretty cool if you gave it a good effort.
Beneath the brochure is a promotional surgical mask marketing the film Aftermath (2014).

Here we have a couple of Cthulhu relics, one being an air freshener and the other a bottle opener. Even though these things aren't as cool as promotional items they still are pretty cool and much better than the Pacific Rim themed things of a couple months ago. My only complaint is that the bottle opener also functions as a magnet, yet the magnet that's glued on the bottom had fallen off during shipping. That sucks since Cthulhu would have gotten much more use as a magnet.

I love this human shaped hand sanitizer promoting the next installment of Cabin Fever and the wound tattoo is a perfect companion. I'm still debating on whether or not to use any...

Above is half of the awesome Wolf Creek 2 postcards that came in this months box. 

Campy, just like the film!

Last but not least is a promotional backpack/bag from "All Cheerleaders Die". I have to say I am incredibly happy with this months Box of Dread. The past few months have had popular vinyl toys and stickers with other little goodies but no promotional swag and that's what I really want! I want all this promotional crap because I can rarely find this stuff on my own. I mean I signed up after I saw people had received "You're Next" animal masks in the first box, thus assuming the later boxes would be filled with other awesome promo items. I can't complain too much seeing as they killed it this month, I will still add that I have decided to also sign up for the Horror Block. The Horror Block being another $20 (roughly) a month subscription offering up much of the same things found in older boxes of dread, with the added bonus of a shirt that can only be obtained in that months block. 

(Below is a picture of July's Horror Block exclusive shirt)

To subscribe to Box of Dread.
To subscribe to the Horror Block.

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