Monday, August 18, 2014

The L.A. Slasher Returns

I woke up this morning feeling just as terrible as I did when I went to bed last night. I groggily reached for my phone getting ready to jump back into Kim Kardashians free app game when I noticed I had received an email from Sean Decker (Dread Central's West Coast Field Correspondent). Anytime I get an email from Sean I become incredibly excited and today's email was something I had been waiting for... And here it is, the first trailer (teaser) from the L.A. Slasher!!

I'm 110% sold. I loved the way this film looks, from the lighting to how the shots are setup. I know teaser trailers aren't the best way to judge a film but from the awesome media campaign, wonderful concept with appropriate cast, and now promising execution... I have very high hopes to say the least.

Now since I've been absent from the blog a major thing has changed between me and the L.A. Slasher and that's our communication has ceased. I've grown to despise FaceBook which is the place my love and worship for the Slasher began. My disdain started when they made it so 10 out of a 1,000,000 people would see each post you made (exaggerated number (not by much)) unless you paid money, of course. And honestly I'm not even really against that but when you're paying and a fraction of your followers are still only seeing posts, forget it. If you have been following the Overlook Theatre on FaceBook you may have noticed The Impostor has taken over running the page and is doing an amazing job.

I myself have moved to Instagram (under the name LordBattle of course), connecting with people has been far easier and a lot of fun. Sadly the L.A. Slasher made only a minor attempt at contributing to that platform. When you figure he's already on Facebook, tumblr, and twitter, it's pretty understandable. With that said I'll be giving away movie codes to people who re-post L.A. Slasher pictures I'll be putting up throughout the week. This is my way of saying sorry to the almighty L.A. Slasher. I also feel I need to redeem myself for play that Kardashian game...

Here is my stack of movie codes and just to give you an idea of whats in there I'll name a few...
Curse of Chucky, Total Recall (original), Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Sin City, The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey, Lone Ranger, The Lego Movie, Joy Ride 3, Predators, Black Swan, The Cabin in the Woods, Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection, and Hannibal season 1. That's just to name a few...

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