Monday, September 16, 2013

Blog update

          I wanted to just write a quick update that stated my future planes for this blog. First off the reviews are fun and easy to do, so expect a lot more of those. I'd also like to recruit at least another 2 reviewers on top of Math Mage and Brewha but we will see how that goes. I also think I will start writing more in depth reviews from my personal stand point, since it feels like my reviewers are good for a few lines but not that into a lengthy recap.

          On a side note I bought a domain name for the site but have yet to play with that at all but that is a short term goal of mine, once I figure out how to do anything with it. It would also be nice to have a lot more citizen art work to accompany it but i'm finding out talking to artists takes a bit longer when you have a specific vision in mind.

          As For tonight I plan on watching "The Haunting of Helena", which I have read nothing but bad things about. In a strange way watching a terrible movie is a bit freeing since I would feel wrong gathering people to screen something that maybe incredibly boring. On the other hand I feel the reviews will get a bit boring if I just keep picking movies I love... Still for now it doesn't matter and if "The Haunting of Helena" is terrible and not worth forcing on the reviewers I will still review it myself. Which reminds me I also want to review "Hammer of the Gods", since I think I have some interesting comments for that film.

Okay enough spacing out and typing nonsense time for "The Haunting of Helena"!

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  1. i fucking loved "the hammer of the gods" I just watched it a couple weeks ago