Thursday, September 26, 2013

A personal goal achieved! ...Well kinda

Last night I was up at 3 in the morning surfing the web, like the good blogger I am, when I came across this...

          If you're not familiar with the movie "Race War:The Remake" don't feel too bad, I'm sure you're not alone. It's a low budget film produced by DWN Productions that marked a few firsts for the Overlook Theatre, like the first screener I had ever received (I'm still surprised I got one so early on). Screeners are the main reason I even started this blog, since the idea of people sending me their movie to help publicize it is still kinda magical to me. Keep in mind I'm the type of film lover that can watch anything and see it through, even if I know I hate it in the first 10 seconds. Also I am a hopeless collector who will cherish a DVD even though I'll never watch it again. Race Wars also marked the first review poster I had ever created (Below), which leads me to the reason behind me writing this post....

          Taglines. Taglines are the reason I made the whole review system the way it is, basically so people could easily produce tag lines from sending me a screener. In fact I myself pick the best (at least what I think are the best and as a fan of taglines I feel like somewhat an authority) taglines out of the reviews and throw them on the movie poster to display. That's my master manipulation at work and if you noticed in the above photo (I know it's a bit tiny) it totally worked!

Here's the Race War poster I made and in the middle is the quote they used. 

Imagine how excited I was to see that, not only did they use a quote from the poster, but it was mine! 

          I couldn't help but laugh at the fact they didn't credit The Overlook Theatre or even Lord Battle but gave the honor instead to the damn Overlook Hotel, like that hotel needs any more attention. I guess it's just another one of Kubrick's mysteries, but honestly it's just more funny than anything. I'll probably send them an e-mail about it a little later. 

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