Saturday, September 24, 2016

Recreating Friday the 13th Masks with Kabuki Senpai

One of the reviewers in our midst is a very talented dabbler in special effects, and today he's going to take us through the process he went through to recreate the iconic masks from Friday the 13th parts 5 and 7.

Friday the 13th V
First off I had to do research for this mask. It had pretty specific details like the wider mask and the blue chevrons. I got a blank mask from JDF Studios and they ship them as blank as they come. Once received I sanded the mask with fine sandpaper before adding the almond primer. I then sanded the mask after the primer dried with rougher sandpaper making sure to really scuff and scratch the mask up. I took a wet cloth and some black, brown, and white acrylic paint and began to weather the mask, making sure the darker colors only stay in the scratches making them look deeper than they are. I then took a gutter sponge and started to add the mud brown look to it. And finally, I took one final sandpaper run to the mask before adding the clear coat to it. 

For the part 7 mask, I again had to research this mask because I realize now that each one is pretty specific. I sanded it down with fine sandpaper before adding almond primer. I sanded it again with rougher sandpaper once the primer had dried making sure to hit it harder making deep scratches on the mask. 

The "airsoft" mask I got off of Ebay had metal eye protectors that I cut off. It also had the wrong chevrons on the face, so I took a dremel and the sandpaper bit and carefully sanded off the chevron on the cheeks since the mask in part 7 did not have them. I took most of it off and hid the rest with more scratches. I took a super sharp exacto blade and started to cut parts of the mask on the forehead and cheeks where there is damage and sanded it down to blend it better. I weathered the surface with brown, black and white paint, just like I did with the previous mask. I then added more blacks to the damaged parts. Then I used super glossy clear coat to mimic a wet mask. Lastly, I added minor details on the holes to look like Jason was puking blood then staining the mask.

You guys can check out more of Kabuki Senpai's cosplay and other work at his Instagram.

-Kabuki Senpai

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