Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why BookWyrm Recommends YouTube Channel DashieGames

Whaddup, it's Bookwyrm! And I'm here to tell you about a YouTuber named Dashie who has captured the hearts of many of the Overlook's creatures as of late. DashieGames is a YouTube channel with just over 3 million subscribers and is operated by a guy who goes by the name Dashie. He also has another main channel with 2 million subscribers called DashieXP where he posts cartoons, skits, and voiceovers about various things like video games, movies, and pop culture in general. His gaming channel features a wide array of gameplay videos from intense Mario Kart races, suspenseful horror game playthroughs, and even the occasional Grand Theft Auto gameplay.

What really caught our eye here at the Overlook was his unique sense of humor and commentary throughout his videos. We found him late one night while looking for a video about the "Luigi death stare" seen in Mario Kart and the Berkeley Blazer suggested we check out Dashie's channel. In all of his videos he is constantly screaming and swearing, coming up with his own original (and catchy) raps, creating quirky slang to get around Youtube's obscenity rules, and managing to make you smile even when he's playing a terrible game. He is also an avid film lover and a horror game appreciator who is constantly posting videos of the latest scary games around, from huge releases like "Outlast 2" (which is rumored to be released in 2017) to lesser known indie titles like "Emily Wants to Play" and "The Elevator Ritual".

What I love the most about his channel is that he uploads new content almost daily and switches it up so that it's not the same thing every week. He does do weekly series such as his Super Mario Maker gameplays where people make him levels, tweet them to him, he plays them, and he "rages the fuck out!" He loves to get his subscribers involved in his channel by setting up polls and asking what they want to see him play next rather than just playing whatever he wants to. And no matter what he plays I always find myself looking forward to his next video. I might hate the game he's playing, but I'll still watch the video just because they're that enjoyable.

All in all, I think Dashie is a noteworthy YouTuber because his content reaches a wide array of people and still manages to entertain almost everyone who watches his videos. Whether you're a ten year old kid who's obsessed with game streamers and will watch literally anything so long as it's on Youtube and involves a video game, or a 50 year old mom who happens to be in the room when someone else is watching one of his videos, I can guarantee you that he has played something that is bound to catch your eye. You'll find yourself anticipating his next upload everyday, thinking about how to use his slang words in your everyday life, and since he has so much content on his channel already it's super easy to find yourself stuck in an endless loop of Dashie videos no matter the time or place.


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