Thursday, December 17, 2015

Creepy Pastamania!

"A Story From The BlackGuard"

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Reading Time: Each part is about 20 min worth of reading or an hour in one go. Pretty average length for individual pastas but a good long read if you decide to sit down and read through all three.

Author: Hetzer

Thoughts: BlackGuard is a series of three creepypastas, I don't know why they list the stories from 3-1 instead of 1-3 so scroll to the bottom to read the first one and then work your way back up for 2 and 3. These are a style of creepypasta I really enjoy because it's not just straight up horror, which I love but need a break from now and again; these stories feed my love of fantasy. They deal with a group called "The Blackguards" who protect us from all the monsters we assume are just legends and who seek to cross the border to earth from another world called Ares. It is an idea that has been done a lot but done right. And it's nice to come across creepypastas that are part of a series, waiting for the next one is just as exciting as waiting for the next episode of a show you really like or a sequel to a movie. I really feel like the author has put a ton of thought into his world and that it could easily be adapted into another medium....The most obvious being a movie or show but I would also love to see it made into a table top game.

Fun Fact: These stories are part of Hetzer's "Cambria" series and he seems to have a whole setting made out with other stories following totally different people all in the same world.

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- Ice Giant

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