Thursday, January 22, 2015

Joe Lynch's "Everly" on Ultra VOD Tomorrow!

Above poster by Alex Pardee

In the midst of what seems like an eternal absence of Hollistion stars Adam Green & Joe Lynch comes a moment that is so perfect it feels ripped from an episode. The moment I'm referring to is of course the last week of February, in which both Adam Green & Joe Lynch are having movie releases. If you listen to the Movie Crypt (Which as a film fan you should be and as a horror fan you HAVE to), then you not only know about these films but you've been able to follow both film makers' journey (to a certain extent). Adam Green's Digging up the Marrow is hitting theaters a little earlier but I'll talk about that in another post soon to come. Instead we are going to quickly discuss Everly.

Everly is Joe Lynch's new film staring Salma Hayek. It's been described as Die Hard in one room. Those 3 facts should be more than enough for anyone reading this blog to see the film, which hits theaters February 27th. Now as the header states Everly can be seen on Ultra VOD as early as tomorrow (Friday, 23rd), which should be available just about everywhere you can stream movies. Also it's called Ultra VOD because it costs you a bit more than regular VOD but you can stream it much earlier, in this case about a month earlier.

The Overlook Theatre will be purchasing and reviewing Everly tomorrow. So if for some strange reason you're on the fence about seeing it, give it a day and check back with us for our thoughts. Personally, I cannot wait to see this film and after hearing all the updates on the podcast, it feels like a close friend is releasing a film. Support Horror!
- Lord Battle

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